Ricky Valenz offers advice to rising new artists

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rickyvalenzRicky Valenz shared some advice to up and coming talent in the Tejano industry via social media on Friday.

The advice came after seeing a Facebook post about rising Tejano singer Devin Banda and overcoming the struggles that new artists face when getting into the music industry.  The 2012 Tejano Idol runner-up even shared an experience she had with an established male artist in the industry. Read about that here.

Valenz says he had similar experiences as a new artist.

“I definitely have many stories and experiences that I could share but since I’m still on my climb upward I’ll keep it all positive as usual and maybe I’ll share those inside stories in a future, “Pursuit Of Happiness” style biography book or sumthin’, cause combining them all together that’s exactly what I could make.”

The three-time Tejano Music Awards winner, who is scheduled to perform at the 35th edition of the annual awards show in October, offered some advice to rising talent.

“As far as the industry and support goes I think it’s there, the support from needed individuals is around but you also can’t deny the resistance to change and negativity towards newer artists on the come up is there as well. But, that is pretty much with everything and anything you do, no matter what industry or profession. When you’re trying to do something there is ALWAYS gonna be opposition and those who say you CAN’T or SHOULDN’T be doing what you are doing, or reaching for what you are reaching and dreaming for what you are dreaming.  Its simply up to that individual to continue thinking outside of their box and ignore any opposition to what is set in their mind and it’s up to them to go out and get it done by any means necessary. If I would’ve listened to naysayers and dream killers I’d possibly be still sitting behind a desk in an office somewhere in Michigan going in an opposite direction of where my dreams have taken me now and where I am headed in the near future.”

Valenz went on to talk about using your support group and never stop proving yourself.

“Aside from all the love that I get and aside from all of my actual supporters that I’ve gained, 3-4 years in this industry and you’ll be surprised to how much hate n’ negativity that even I still get, and that comes from veteran artists/bands and organizations. But, as was said above, all you can do is keep proving yourself, let your work and product speak for itself and keep your tunnel vision.  The proof is in the pudding. Not everyone is going to like you or what you do. But, if you have a vision and the mental strength to push past negativity and naysayers you’ll get to where you wanna be, especially if you never stop working on your craft and polishing your product. If you know how to manage relationships the right people and necessary people will always be there to help you.  Sometimes what is funny is that down the road you may find that the people who may have been your worst haters or non-believers end up being your biggest supporters and that’s a beautiful thing.”

Valenz says it all about never giving up.

“So, to artists on the come up and even artists like myself, I encourage you to stay true to your heart and follow your dreams. I tell my son everyday there is always gonna be someone who gave up on their dreams try to tell you to give up on yours.. #DontListen.. #StayFoolish .. And #DoYou and you’ll get there. #BelieveIt”

Valenz just released “Esperandote,” the second single from his upcoming VMB Music Group album.  The first since signing with the record label.

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