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Bonnie Hernandez returns to airwaves in RGV at Super Tejano 102.1

The veteran Rio Grande Valley media personality will be on-air weekedays from noon - 2 p.m.

Longtime RGV media personality Bonnie Hernandez joins Super Tejano 102.1 (Facebook photo)

Longtime Rio Grande Valley media personality Bonnie Hernandez makes a return to the radio airwaves at R Communications Tejano radio station Super Tejano 102.1 FM.

Hernandez will be on air 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, including hosting the “All Request Super Lunch Hour” from noon til 1:oo p.m.

The former Puro Tejano TV personality was a guest host with Super Tejano 102.1 morning personality Mando San Roman on Monday and after a few hours of fun on the RGV airwaves for the duo, Hernandez was offered a permanent on-air position with the station

“This morning I was a guest on Super Tejano Radio 102.1 FM with Mando San Roman for a day and when it was time to say Goodbye…The boss Supermario Facundo came in and asked me if I would like to come work for them, and I couldn’t believe it, and had to ask if he was being serious and he said YES and immediately I began to cry thanking God Almighty my prayers have been answered after 4 years and 5 months later I’M BACK ON RADIO EVERYONE,” Hernandez shared the news on her official Facebook page.


“THANK YOU SO MUCH GOD for answering my prayers in YOUR PERFECT time, thank you to Super Mario, Romeo, Mando and ALL of R Communications for giving me this opportunity to do what I LOVE and I will NOT let you down,” Hernandez added. “NEVER STOP believing in your dreams my friends…. God is ALWAYS working behind the scenes….. I am so humbled and honored to be the NEWEST Deejay on Super Tejano 102.1 Where Tejano Lives!”

Hernandez has been off the air since 2011 when she was at Que Pasa 99.5 KKPS-FM, which later flipped formats from Tejano to Regional Mexican as La Nueva 99.5 in 2012.

WATCH: Bonnie Hernandez joins Super Tejano 102.1

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5 comments on “Bonnie Hernandez returns to airwaves in RGV at Super Tejano 102.1

  1. D Reyes Arriaga

    Bonnie is a great addition to tejano radio..She has the curism and personality to the station..I have only been living i the valley since july of last year..Orginally from the valley but lived in the Dallas area for 40 year and am now back home and love your station and missed tejano music all those your station listen to it everyday all day..


  2. Juan Carlos Morales

    This lady is very annoying and obnoxious she say she is a public figure for the community which is ridiculous she advertises to get free items she does not use those items she goes into businesses and complains and uses her supposedly name to threaten people by saying do you know who I am Bonnie I’m going to put you on the radio I’m going to put you on Facebook it’s ridiculous she’s a little child. I used to be a loyal listener to this radio station after finding out she’s on this station I’m no longer.


    • Go on iheartradio and listen to 107 tejano and proud. Its from san antonio.
      Great awesome 🙆 tejano music at its best. 102.1 needs that kind of music.


  3. What ever happened to Iris Hinojosa???? Remember KIWW. Loved that station. I truly believe that she’ll be great on 102. 1.


  4. syl427hotmailcom

    Plz bring Bonnie hernandez back I’m not a listner anymore! She had spunk and was funny and happy and made my day. I moved 5 years ago from Chicago and truly was a fan. She would motivate me to listen to super tejano
    102.1 don’t destroy what The Rgv had.


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