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Yvonne Y Fuego release official video for ‘Mi Todo’

By ROMEO@RomeoOnAirPosts | Bio
Posts | Bio

Mi TodoYvonne Y Fuego released the official video for their latest single, “Mi Todo,” on Tuesday.

The visual for the single, directed by Yvonne and James “Cels” Bragg, was filmed on location in the band’s home state of Ohio and delivers a story line complimenting the single with power.

“Mi Todo”, produced by Rolando Revilla, is the latest single from the band’s Nosotros album.

Yvonne Y Fuego have been nominated for two Tejano Music Awards, including Best New Group and Best New Female Artist.  The 2015 Tejano Music Awards takes place on October 24, 2015 in San Antonio.

Stay up to date with Yvonne Y Fuego at their official website,

WATCH: “Mi Todo” from Yvonne Y Fuego
(If you can’t see video, click here to watch on YouTube)

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