Devin Banda talks overcoming struggles of new artists in music industry

Devin Banda (Photo courtesy of Reyna Photography)

Rising Tejano singer Devin Banda took to social media on Friday to talk about the struggles that new artists face in the music industry.

“If you don’t have haters. You aren’t doing it right,” Banda wrote on her personal Facebook page. “I’ve had to deal with soooo much negativity in this business. But I don’t want it to ever let it stop me again.”

The 20-year-old singer, who just released her second single “Si Pudiera Regresar” last week, mentions an incident with an established male artist in the music industry.

“Once. I let this older male (established artist) say things to me that hurt me bad. He stomped on my dreams and told me I’d be nothing and that I was nothing. And then I realized. What made him want to say that stuff to me? Why did he feel he needed to say that stuff to me? Especially when I had done nothing to him. He wanted to stop me from reaching my goals. I promised myself I would NEVER let anyone get in my head like that again,” she wrote.

The 2012 Tejano Idol runner-up is one of Tejano’s rising stars with her debut single “Yo Te Dije” topping radio station playlists earlier this year and was a featured performer for Shelly’s All-American Showcase at the 2015 Tejano Music National Convention in Las Vegas last month.  The showcase, hosted by Tejano Hall of Famer Shelly Lares, features rising singers during the annual music convention.

Banda and her music are also featured in an upcoming film End Of Me, where the singer will make her acting debut.

It seems nothing can stop Banda from achieving her goals.

“I do what I do with love and with God. And with those two things. I’m unstoppable,” she wrote.  “I’m not usually open about things like this. But I just don’t want people thinking they are alone. Never let anyone tell you, you can’t do something. Do what I did. Think about why they felt they needed to put you down like that.”

WATCH: “Yo Te Dije” from Devin Banda

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