Llueve plans late September release for new album

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llueve_logo_728x364Llueve will release their third album in late September, the band’s first with new lead singer David Castaneda, according to Llueve founder and keyboardist Roland Trevino.

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“We are currently wrapping up production of our third CD with our new singer David (Castaneda),” Trevino told “We’ll be releasing an original single in about a month. The CD is going to feature a few guest artists and duets, and will also be out around the same time.”

The self-titled album will be more traditional from the Edinburg-based band.

“We took a huge risk with our second CD. This time, we’re going to keep it traditional, but still undeniably LLueve,” Trevino said.  “We feel like we haven’t had a chance just to be us. We love Tejano. This is who we are. We tried being different, we tried being what other people wanted us to be, but with our first album, Calles Del Amor, which J Angel and I did, we weren’t trying to impress anyone. We just wanted to have fun. The band feels that with David singing, we found that magic again.”

Llueve has found some magic, you can hear it in the recently released remake of “El Perdón,” the worldwide hit by Reggaeton star Nicky Jam, which the band made available for a free download for fans.

“J Angel and I are still writing LLueve music together. That feeling of making music fun for us is back,” Trevino added. “To say it simply. We aren’t afraid of what people think anymore. As long as we have fun, I’m sure everyone else will have fun.”

Listen to “El Perdón” from Llueve

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