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Llueve offers another free song download for fans

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llueve-comoteamoLlueve has offered a free song download for their fans for the second time in less than a month.  “Como Te Amo” is the second single from the band’s upcoming album and gave it to their fans for free on Wednesday.

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“I don’t think Tejano music should be road blocked by .99! I want my music in the hands of the fans,” Llueve co-founder and Roland Trevino told Tejano Nation. “I want it in their phones, computers…everywhere! It’s a new era of Tejano music.”

Last month, Llueve released their version of the worldwide hit “El Perdon” from Reggaeton star Nicky Jam with a video and free download.

The band also plans to release their third album, first with new lead singer David Castaneda, later this month.

“We might even release the album as a free download,” Trevino added. “Why not…people are listening to Spotify and Apple Music rather than buying the physical albums or a purchased download. I don’t recommend other bands to do it though.”

To download “Come Te Amo” from Llueve for free, just click on the down arrow below. Enjoy!

1 comment on “Llueve offers another free song download for fans

  1. This song is amazing!! Love the rhythm and vocals!


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