YouTube video chronicles a ‘Raspa Revolution’ [VIDEO]

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HeartFire Media
HeartFire Media

SAN ANTONIO – Back in the day raspas were what you used to cool you down on a hot day. Today there is a Raspa Revolution happening in San Antonio.

HeartFire Media chronicled this revolution in a recent YouTube video showcasing Big Daddy’s Eats and Treats, a food truck changing the raspa game.

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“I had the idea to make the raspas different,” Big Daddy’s Eats and Treats founder Jaime Morales said in the video. “I figured I needed to do a different spin on raspas and that’s where it all started, just started gettin’ crazy with the raspas.”

Patrons sometimes wait up to three hours to get a treat from Big Daddy’s.  You can view some of the revolutionary creations from Big Daddy’s Eats and Treats on their official Facebook page at

“I’d like to say to the people of San Antonio, thank you for making Big Daddy’s an enormous success,” Morales said.

Big Daddy’s Eats and Treats has three locations in San Antonio, 228 E Cevallos, 941 S. Gen McMullen, and 5368 Military Drive.

WATCH: ‘Raspa Revolution’ by HeartFire Media

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