Evelyn Rubio Showcases Masterful Versatility Across Multiple Genres In Upcoming Summer Events

The blues rock-loving sexy sax player vocalist will light up stages in multiple cities in May and June

Evelyn Rubio | Courtesy photo

HOUSTON, TX – Sexy and sassy multi-talented vocalist and saxophonist Evelyn Rubio will light up the stages In multiple cities throughout May and June.


Starting in Stafford, Texas, and ending in Washington, DC, Evelyn graces the stages performing multiple genre styles to a wide and varied audience of music lovers. 

In Stafford at the Grand Stafford Theater, Evelyn will perform the famous “Great Gig In The Sky” along with an additional tapestry of Pink Floyd songs.

Performing in Houston at the marvelous Astorian Ballroom on May 16, Evelyn will carry the female vocal and sax lead in Fever’s Candlelight Tribute to Juan Gabriel.

On June 9, Evelyn performs at the Springboard Music Festival where she will be sharing her music with a panel of movie music supervisors.

Then on June 24, Evelyn will perform at the annual Women Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards Gala in Washington, DC, where she will showcase a special original song.

In between the show dates Evelyn will be back at Wire Road Studio recording with jazz great Paul English crafting a new jazz entry earmarked for a summer release date.

Evelyn Rubio — “Esta Tarde Vi Llover” ft. Les Lobo
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