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Juan Treviño delivers signature love songs with evolving sounds for ‘Para Empezar A Amar’ album

The Houston-based singer-songwriter continues with love stories for new album

Courtesy of Penfo Music Group

HOUSTON — Award-winning singer and songwriter Juan Treviño released his latest album, Para Empezar A Amar, showcasing unique lyrics, and acoustic guitars in a fusion of Tejano and Norteño.


“I chose that title because it’s one of my favorite songs on the album,” Treviño tells Tejano Nation about the album. “It has a variety of sad and happy songs but I think it has more happy songs than anything, so I went that route.”

“When I was working on it, I kind of wanted to go a little different route than what I had been doing. I wanted to add more saxophone and sounds that I hadn’t worked with before, I need a mixture of my music and that,” said Treviño. “I was having a hard time in the beginning, so I decided to call Mando (Armando Lichtenberger Jr) from La Mafia and ask him for different pointers from here and there with certain ideas that I had.”

The result was an album of seven tracks of romantic songs with Tejano and Norteño styles featuring some of the best musicians in the Latin music industry.

“I think that’s where I’m going to go from now on because it’s something different and evolving my sound a little bit combining both styles,” added Treviño. “I was really happy with the outcome.”

The Houston-based artist won a Latin Grammy Award in 2017 for Regional Mexican Song of the Year with “Siempre Es Asi” featuring AJ Castillo. Treviño was a recipient of the Songwriter of The Year at the 3rd annual Premios Tejano Mundial earlier this year.

Para Empezar A Amar from Juan Treviño is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

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