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Tina Mares returns with a cover of ‘200 Copas’

The singer returns from a three-year hiatus with her version of the heartbreak corrido by Karol G

Tina Mares returns with her first new song in three years with a cover of “200 Copas,” the 2021 hit song from Latin global superstar Karol G, adding a Tejano spin to the international hit.


“Music has always got me through the worst and the best days of my life,” Mares tells Tejano Nation. “These past three years have been very challenging for me because I have been having vocal issues, but I’m working myself back up on stage. That is my goal this year.”

“200 Copas,” written by Karol G, Ovy on the Drums, and Danny Felix, is a heartbreak corrido about leaving bad relationships behind.

“Let me tell you about this song, I’m the type of artist that is picky in the way of, if I can’t feel or relate to it I won’t sing it. It has to come from the heart,” said Mares. “My husband and I got into an argument and didn’t talk to each other for about three days. Talk about walking past each other and having no word type of argument. I was at the gym one day and the song literally stopped me in my tracks. I immediately sent the song to my producer Anthony Perez and told him, ‘Let’s do this. I’m pissed’.”

Mares added, “All of us females have gone through hardships in a relationship. I wanted to have a connection with other women who have had hardships in their relationships. To let them know, you’re not alone. Let’s get through this together. So I dedicate this song to all the ladies out there.”

Tina Mares obviously made up with her husband, musician Billy Silva, who has supported the singer emotionally and financially over the past seven years.

The version of “200 Copas” from Mares features tight musicianship from Perez, accordionist Rosendo Villarreal, and drummer Aaron Holler. The track is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

Tina Mares — “200 Copas”
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