Natasha Gonzales Launches ‘Norteño 210’ Podcast on Latina Podcasters Network

The San Antonio native will promote the city’s culture, businesses with launch of podcast on April 19

Latina Podcasters CEO Rita Bautista, left, welcomes Natasha Gonzales, host of “Norteño 210” podcast which will premiere on April 19 on the Latina Podcasters Network.

SAN ANTONIO, TX — As a local businesswoman, registered nurse, and the 2023 River Walk Queen, Natasha Gonzales takes enormous pride in promoting the various local businesses and Mexican culture that infuses flavor and vibrance to her beloved southwestern city of San Antonio.


As the city plans to kick off its popular 10-day Fiesta parade and festival that commemorates the heroes who fought in the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto, Gonzales plans to launch her “Norteño 210” podcast only on Latina Podcasters Network, a subsidiary network of Latina Podcasters, a Latina and certified minority-owned and operated global podcast network group.

The podcast will launch on Wednesday, April 19, the day before the Fiesta. Listeners can find this podcast through Apple Podcasts under the Latina Podcasters channel through this link. Gonzales, also a director of video operations for La Prensa Texas newspaper, will be giving audiences a taste of all the best things and people to discover in San Antonio. 

“I’ve conducted almost 500 interviews with people within the city as well as celebrities, politicians, chefs, business owners, and more,” Gonzales said. “As a reporter, my interviews were short ranging from 2 minutes to 15 minutes. With this new podcast, I will have more time to tell their stories and have listeners get to know me as well. I want listeners to know what the real deal is as they learn what it’s like to be this or that person in our beautiful city. With the interviews, I feature all of the good, the bad, the ugly, ups and downs.” 

Latina Podcasters CEO Rita Bautista first met Gonzales at a Latina summit event last year and was impressed with her accomplishments. 

“She has a beautiful presence and is an amazing woman,” Bautista said. “I found her to be very inspiring. Natasha gives an authentic voice to the happenings and people who live in San Antonio.”

Bautista described San Antonio’s culture as being “completely different from that of Houston and Austin. I would say you have a predominately heavy Mexican presence. I feel San Antonio is closer to a Mexican city than a U.S. city. You can sense it in how people feel in the pride of their culture.”

Gonzales’ podcast is a good fit for the diverse mix of programming provided by Latina Podcasters.

“We’re able to find these local celebrities who intimately know the heartbeat and the drive that makes their communities come alive and we can highlight their platform and have them join the network,” Bautista said. “With Natasha’s show, she makes us feel very interwoven into the community as she is the authentic voice of San Antonio. This is the beauty that helps us and our listeners understand the authentic cultural voices of these cities.”

Gonzales is very excited to be, in a sense, a tour guide for audiences to “explore” her city.

“I like the prospect of growing with this platform that is making huge waves with the Latino community and letting people know that it’s San Antonio’s time to shine,” she said. “We have so much to offer.”

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About Latina Podcasters: 
Founded in 2019 by Rita Bautista, Latina Podcasters is a Latina and certified minority-owned and operated global podcast network group. Latina Podcasters is changing the landscape of media by streamlining the process for brands and companies to purchase host-read ads and curated segments on podcasts with authentic Latinx voices. Under the group’s umbrella are its two subsidiary networks: Latino Pods which features shows geared for a male audience, and Latina Podcasters Network which showcases Latina-hosted programming. Visit for more information. 

About Natasha Gonzales: 
Natasha Gonzales is a San Antonio native with a passion for her community. Along with being a registered nurse, she is currently working towards her Doctorate in Nursing at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio in pursuit of becoming a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. 

Natasha is a mother of three and wife to a Marine Corps veteran. Together they own local businesses, Mira Medals LLC and Military City Air. Along with being a passionate supporter of the River Walk, she has been working diligently in the community to raise awareness of small local businesses with an emphasis on supporting all things local with her platform “Norteño 210” on the Latina Podcasters Network. She also works as the director of video operations for La Prensa Texas Newspaper.

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