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‘Las Sucias’ is the fun Fiesta anthem from Mark Weber Y Los Cuernos

The humorous, charanga-style Sucia-appreciation tune is just in time for San Antonio's trademark event.

Courtesy of Rancho Alegre Records

It’s almost time for Fiesta in San Antonio! Are you looking for a fun party anthem that celebrates one of the most talked-about aspects of Fiesta? 


“Las Sucias” is off the latest album from San Antonio hellraisers Mark Weber y Los Cuernos titled Free Tacos Mañana…y Otras Mentiras. 

Self-described “Sucias de Fiesta” love to dance and celebrate during San Antonio’s trademark event, and it’s time they were given their due! Luckily Mark and the guys are here with a humorous, charanga-style Sucia-appreciation tune just in time for next week’s festivities.

“Las Sucas” — Mark Weber y Los Cuernos
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Free Tacos Mañana…y Otras Mentiras from Mark Weber y Los Cuernos is released on Austin-based Rancho Alegre Records. The album is available on all digital platforms and the CD is available at Rancho Alegre Records online store.

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