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Boyz Of Kumbia release ‘Tu’ produced by A.B Quintanilla III

The cumbia of love and heartbreak continues to feature the group's Kumbia Pop style

Courtesy of Azteca Records

Boyz Of Kumbia dropped a new single produced by A.B. Quintanilla III. “Tu” is a multicultural song that bridges borders and makes everyone dance. A cumbia of love and heartbreak that continues to feature the group’s Kumbia Pop style.


After their success with “Pelón” and “Porque Le Gusta Bailar cumbia” in 2021, and last year with “La Boa”, “Dame” “No Me Vayas a Cambiar”, and “Si Me Tomo Una Cerveza,” Los Boyz of Kumbia return with the musical style that has led them to be in the hearts of their audience and on the popularity charts in Mexico, Central America, South America, and the United States.

The musical arrangements that Boyz Of Kumbia (BOK) produced together with A.B Quintanilla give a fresh twist, but with the particularity of BOK who continues their unique style in which they combine fresh cumbia and energy with urban music, rap, trap, and reggaeton.

Boyz of Kumbia — “Tu”
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BOK currently has the support of its record company Azteca Records and the great team of artistic representations headed by Mr. Martin Fabian of Nueva Generación Music Group.

Boyz Of Kumbia is headed by the Gracia brothers (Ozzie, Ricardo, and Hector), originally from Durango, Mexico, and residing in Fort Worth, Texas, where they established their own recording studio, which they share to create productions for other artists. They have six years of musical career professionally, and from the beginning, they have enjoyed great success. There are six members of Boyz Of Kumbia: Ricardo, Ozzie, and Héctor Gracia; Luis Mario De La Rosa, Aaron Gutierrez, and Edward Terrazas.

Héctor Gracia, the vocalist of the group, has always confessed a great passion for music and above all, for his audience. “The most beautiful thing that this career has given us is the warmth that the public gives us in each presentation, and meeting friends everywhere. And our goal is to continue conquering the hearts of more and more people with our music. We want to keep dreaming and achieve goals, that’s why every time we step on stage, we present ourselves with all our hearts so that people can enjoy our music to the fullest,” expresses Gracia.

For more information about Boyz Of Kumbia, you can visit their social networks where they are active and constantly interacting with their fans and followers.

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