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Jaime DeAnda shares latest health update since critical medical crisis and plans for new music

The Tejano ROOTS Hall of Famer revealed an update on his health since life-saving surgery in 2021.

It has been just over a year since Jaime DeAnda recovered from a critical medical crisis in December 2021, when the legendary accordionist and vocalist had life-saving surgery after an infection affected his tongue, mouth, and throat.


DeAnda revealed his current health in an interview with The Bo Corona Show. “Well the doctor says I’m already at 90 percent,” DeAnda disclosed to Bo Corona. “He said, ‘Whatever you’re doing Jaime, keep doing it.’ Feeling good about yourself is the hardest thing to do as you’re getting older. Well sure, we all get older and we think, ‘Man, can I do this again? Can I get up on stage again?’ Our job is 100% tough, it is. It’s going up there and blocking out everything that’s on your mind. I’m not even thinking about my health because when you go on stage, it’s like you’re clocking into work.”

DeAnda’s career spans more than 40 years with most of that time spent as the frontman of Jaime Y Los Chamacos, he split with Los Chamacos in December 2018. The band had been cranking out hit songs together since 1982, releasing many successful albums and classic hits including “Yolanda,” “Mi Musica Favorita,” and many more. They received multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations and were inducted into the Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame in 2011.

DeAnda added he’s currently working on new music. “It’s exciting because when you’re doing a project, it’s always exciting to know that, man, what’s going to be the outcome. How’s it going to sound,” he said. “No matter what we do, when we come out with something new what do they say? ‘Man, that’s not Jaime no more. Listen to that, he sounds different.’ Well, that’s why it’s called new.”

Look for new music from Jaime DeAnda later this year. Listen to the full interview with The Bo Corona Show below.

Jaime DeAnda on The Bo Corona Show — 03.22.23

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