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El Tiempo debuts with hardcore Tex-Mex track ‘Quiereme’ featuring Juan P. Moreno

Envy Road Entertainment brings together top musicians and singers for a new concept in music

Courtesy of Envy Road Ent & Art oF Holler Music

Everybody has always said the singer makes the band. Not anymore! ENVY Road Entertainment and Julian Johnson Management are changing that. Now it’s going to be what singers can keep in time with EL TIEMPO the band.


EL TIEMPO is the brainchild of Julian “J Money” Johnson, in collaboration with the musical direction of drummer, producer, mix & master extraordinaire Aaron Holler from Art oF Holler Music.

The debut single from EL TIEMPO is “Quiereme,” a hard-core rock Tex-Mex sound produced by Johnson and Holler, featuring Juan P. Moreno, “EL REY de Bajo Sexto.” Moreno is the former lead singer and bajo sexto player for Los Chamacos and former bajo player and vocalist of David Lee Garza y Los Musicales, additionally, Moreno has a prestigious solo career.

Only the best in the industry comprises this band! Let’s see who can keep up. Who made the cut on this track? Of course, Moreno on vocals and Holler keeps the beat as the drummer, with the squeezebox skills of Lalo Morales, Stevie Ray Vavages on the bajo sexto, and Pete “Tiny” Guitierrez strumming the bass.

“Quiereme” from EL TIEMPO featuring Juan P. Moreno is available on all digital music platforms.

El Tiempo ft. Juan P Moreno — “Quiereme” (Hardcore Tex-Mex Version)
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