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Marisela Hernandez releases Beto Ramon-penned love song ‘Increible’

The Rio Grande Valley singer will release her solo debut album 'Cinco' in March.

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Marisela Hernandez is an emerging artist in Tejano music. The former Rio Grande Valley radio personality began her career as a backup vocalist for Jimmy Gonzalez Y Mazz in 2001 and recorded backup vocals for Tex-Mex Kadillacks a few years later. The singer has been working towards her solo debut album and released her latest single, “Increible,” just in time for Valentine’s Day.


The love song was penned by legendary songwriter Humberto “Beto” Ramon and produced by George Ochoa.

Hernandez shared details on her latest song with Tejano Nation. “It’s a beautiful love song and I think a lot of people can relate to this song because you know and you sense love when you see somebody across the room or in the same room or wherever it is, and you just lock eyes and you just know it’s a feeling of like, wow, and you find yourself five months later in love. A year later, five years later down the road, and you’re still together. This is what this song is about, it’s incredible how the feeling of love can just hit you.”

Marisela Hernandez — “Increible”
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“Increible” will be part of Hernandez’s solo debut album scheduled for release in March, which has taken a few years to complete.

“This first album that I’m a releasing is really, really special of course but I named it Cinco (Five),” said Hernandez. “I named it Cinco because it literally took me five years to complete. So that is not typical but it’s my very first album and I’m super excited but it’s just so much work and so many emotions going into this.”

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Hernandez is also working on another special project, The Laura Canales Tribute Show, an idea that blossomed after the success of her Laura Canales tribute performance at the Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame induction ceremonies in January. Canales was the first woman inducted in 2000.

“It was a great hit and so we’re going to build on that and bring the Laura Canales Tribute Show to different cities,” said Hernandez.

To book Hernandez and the Laura Canales Tribute Show, call 956-650-8022.

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