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Jenny B delivers catchy, upbeat ‘Volverás’ for latest single

The third-generation singer continues to create her own path in Tejano music with her latest single release.

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Emerging artist Jenny B dropped her much-anticipated new single, “Volverás”, today (Jan. 13). The track was produced by award-winning producer Hugo Guerrero, “The Charanga King.”


“‘Volverás’ has such a catchy, bubbly, and classy sound but is also modern, with a fresh spin to it that it will even get the younger kids singing and dancing along,” Jenny B tells Tejano Nation. “The perfect mix of a love song and moving those hips! Two things are sure to bring my people together!”

Bringing a good time and having fun is what Jenny B is all about, a prominent element she brings to her music and her shows.

The San Antonio singer, whose real name is Jennifer Lynne Bowen, is a mom and a wife and is very passionate about music. She comes from a long line of singers and musicians, continuing her family’s legacy. Her father, uncles, and grandfather formed the band Los Agues, which had much success in the 1990s opening for late Tejano star Selena, and appeared in the biopic starring Jennifer Lopez.

“Volverás” is available to stream or download on all digital media platforms. Stay up to date with Jenny B on her official website for music, upcoming events, and more.

Jenny B — “Volverás”
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