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Intocable ends concert abruptly after lead singer Ricky Muñoz falls ill, announces rescheduled dates

The singer and accordionist could not continue due to a sore throat that affected his performance.

Ricky Muñoz | Photo: Facebook/Grupo Intocable

Grupo Intocable frontman Ricky Muñoz had to leave a concert in Monterrey, Mexico, during the group’s performance last Friday (Dec. 2) after the singer was unable to perform due to a sore throat.


Muñoz confessed that his pain was so strong that he could not continue because he was at risk of hurting himself and no matter how hard he tried, he would not be able to perform as expected.

Fans of the Grammy-winning group took to social media to share their displeasure with the abrupt stop of the performance a short time after it began.

This caused Muñoz to respond via social media to explain what happened. “I really feel really bad. Physically I feel super good, you win, I can talk… what I can’t do is sing. If I have to apologize for that, then an apology. I apologize for having a lot of work. I didn’t want it to end this way, but I felt more helpless, I couldn’t pretend that everything was fine when it wasn’t,” he said in the video.

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The singer announced the two concerts canceled would be rescheduled for next month. The December 2 concert is rescheduled for January 13, while the presentation scheduled for December 3 will take place on January 14.

“You are the best public, I feel bad, I feel very bad inside. I am a professional above all, I would like it to be different and to have finished the entire show, but we were halfway through the show and it was not improving. I couldn’t lie to them. I hope you understand me,” he added.

Information on the process for those who attended the December 2 concert to obtain new tickets will be announced in the next few days, while the tickets for the December 3 concert will be valid for the new date. Intocable and Arena Monterrey said fans may request a refund for the canceled dates via email to: from December 12 to 26, 2022.

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