Business owner and life coach Adriana Gallardo releases book on business and female empowerment

Gallardo wrote the book 'to help women discover their strengths, empower themselves and put fear aside.'

LOS ANGELES — To define a woman like Adriana Gallardo, several descriptions could be used such as successful, inspiring, brave, determined, and above all, “chingona,” which in Mexican colloquial language means being extremely good at something.


The latter is made clear by the resounding success of her book Cómo Ser Una Mujer Chingona : ¡Y no morirse del miedo! (Spanish Edition), which reached the top position among the Amazon best sellers list, just a few hours after being released. Gallardo continues adding new stories that enrich her work in favor of women and Latino society in general.

The columnist for the most important Hispanic newspapers in the United States officially presented her book at The Los Angeles Public Library with Dr. César Lozano in attendance.

Adriana Gallardo was happy, joking, and as optimistic as always, just like César Lozano. | Courtesy photo

While no one has a recipe for success, there are certain steps that must be followed to make sure you are on the right track. The book gives the reader the opportunity to reflect on what she does and how she does it. In addition, Gallardo shares her decalogue of the cool woman, with which she invites women to commit to themselves and overcome the fear of success.

The positive impact that the founder of Adriana’s Insurance has achieved has been recognized by influential personalities, such as the Monterrey speaker Regina Carrot, Colombian journalist Tanya Charry, and Regional Mexican music performers Beatriz Solís and Erika Rojo. A wide list of influencers follows Gallardo’s professional advice to the letter.

“I wrote this book to help women discover their strengths, empower themselves and put fear aside, just as I have done since I came to this country 30 years ago, being undocumented, knowing no English, starting out as a hamburger vendor until becoming in the woman, mother and businesswoman of the world of insurance,” said Gallardo.


● She founded “Chingona Circle”, a group that empowers women with tools that make it easier for them to develop, feel fulfilled and thus find the best in themselves.
● She is a bestselling author and international speaker. She inspires people to face fear and achieve what they set out to do.
● She is a prominent figure and highly sought after by the Univisión, Telemundo, and Azteca América networks, as well as Forbes and Vogue, among many other media. She is a columnist for national and international newspapers such as La Opinion, El Diario de NY, and El Nuevo Herald.

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