Carin León and Grupo Firme Lead Estrella Media’s ‘Premios de la Radio’ 2022 Winners

Highlights Include Tributo a los Grandes de Mexico Awards and Musical Tributes Honoring Paquita la Del Barrio and Los Ángeles Azules, Emotional Homenajes to Jenni Rivera and Chalino Sanchez

Regional Mexican music star Carin León is shown with his three Premios de la Radio | Source: Business Wire

MEXICO CITY — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Estrella Media’s 2022 Premios de la Radio returned to Mexico City last night with Regional Mexican music star Carin León and Iconic group Grupo Firme solidifying their place at the top, leading the night as the most awarded artist with three Premios trophies. The show aired live on EstrellaTV and the EstrellaTV app from the Foro Event Center, Santa Fé, Mexico City. 


Premios de la Radio is the leading Regional Mexican music awards show presented by Estrella Media, the transformative Spanish-language media company, serving a diverse multiplatform Latino audience in the U.S. Like last year, the 2022 event was co-produced in Mexico City by TV Azteca, one of the two largest producers of Spanish-language television content in the world.

The most awarded artist and group of the night were Carin León and Grupo Firme who won three Premios each. León who won three trophies, Artista Masculino, Grupo o Solista Sierreño, and Canción Sierreña. León led the nominees with seven nominations. Iconic group Grupo Firme won three, taking home the prestigious Artista del Año, Grupo del Año, and El Mejor de Los Mejores which was sponsored by Wendys. La Adictiva won two Premios for Banda del Año and Corrido del Año. The fan-driven awards were determined through online public voting in the U.S. and Mexico.

One of the highlights of the night was the “Tributo a los Grandes de México” honorees: Paquita la Del Barrio and Los Ángeles Azules, who were feted with live musical performances and also performed themselves. Performing in the tribute to Paquita was a star-studded group of leading artists – Ezequiel Peña, Gerardo Ortiz, Luis Alfonso Partida “El Yaki,” Alfredo Olivas, and Santa Fé Klan. Los Ángeles Azules brought the crowd to their feet, performing their hits “Cumbia Del Corazón” and “Listón De Tu Pelo.”

In addition, two special Homenajes were presented during the ceremony. The first was to the iconic and influential Corrido singer/songwriter Chalino Sánchez by Enigma Norteño (“El Gallo de Sinaloa”), Carin León (“Alma Enamorada”), and El Fantasma (“Nieves de Enero”). The second was to the legendary Regional Mexican singer Jenni Rivera with a moving performance of “No Llega El Olvido” featuring her daughter Chiquis and Espinoza Paz.

The 2022 Premios de la Radio winners are:

  • Artista del Año: Grupo Firme
  • Artista Masculino del Año: Carin León
  • Artista Femenina del Año: Yuridia
  • Banda del Año: La Adictiva
  • Grupo del Año: Grupo Firme
  • Grupo o Solista Sierreño del Año: Carin León
  • Canción Banda del Año: “Fuera de Servicio” – El Fantasma
  • Canción Mariachi del Año: “Ya No Somos Ni Seremos” – Christian Nodal
  • Canción Norteña del Año: “No” – Alfredo Olivas
  • Canción Sierreña del Año: “Como Lo Hice Yo”- Matisse featuring Carin León
  • Canción Regional/Urbana Del Año: “El Rescate” – Marca Registrada featuring Junior H
  • Canción Norteña Sax del Año: “No Paras de Hacerme Feliz” – La Fiera de Ojinaga
  • Canción Viral del Año Presentado por Amazon: “En El Radio Un Cochinero” – Víctor Cibrián
  • Corrido del Año: “JGL” – La Adictiva featuring Luis R Conriquez
  • Colaboración del Año: “Ya Acabó” – Marca MP featuring Becky G
  • Revelación del Año: Gerardo Díaz
  • Premio Orgullo Latino Presentado por Honda: Espinoza Paz
  • Tributo a Los Grandes de México: Paquita la Del Barrio and Los Ángeles Azules

Hosts for the show were EstrellaTV’s Don Cheto (Don Cheto Al Aire, Norteados con Don Cheto), Pepe Garza (Tengo Talento, Mucho TalentoPepe’s Office), Carolina Ross (nominated for Artista Femenina del Año/Female Artist of the Year), and TV Azteca’s El Capi Perez (La Resolana), Alex Garza, and Ingrid Coronado.

Missed it? Premios de la Radio can be viewed on the EstrellaTV app and website. Fans can follow the awards on and on Instagram and Twitter @PremiodelaRadio.

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