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Musician and teacher Zulgui Medina helps children with special needs learn music

The Florida violinist teaches special needs children to play the musical instrument.

Zulgui Medina Lanoy | Courtesy photo

MIAMI, FL — Almost by chance, Venezuelan musician and teacher Zulgui Medina Lanoy found a new way to make special needs children in the United States happier, when a student with Down Syndrome asked her if she could teach him to play the violin.


“His mom asked if we could try it and I said yes. My greatest satisfaction was that he captured all the learning for five years, he came to perform several concerts and played in my orchestra,” explained Medina.

Then students with autism and visual impairments came to her classes. Thus began another way of understanding life, which currently fills her heart.

“These are children from whom God may have taken something away, so to speak, but He offered them other gifts. They are very sensitive and transmit peace, love, and inexplicable energy. Working with them made me recharge and learn to be happy with very little,” added the violinist.

Medina recalls that music stimulates the right area of ​​the brain, which specializes in visual and sound abilities and feelings.

“For special needs children, music therapy helps them with maturity, cognition, balance and, above all, to communicate better with other people,” expresses the accompanist of soloists of international stature such as Huáscar Barradas (flute), William Molina, Alexis Cárdenas, Francisco Flores (trumpet), Julio Moreno (clarinetist), and Gabriel Meneses (harmonica and piano), among others. In addition, she has participated as a violinist in the recordings of songs and albums.

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Currently, she is promoting her musical career as a soloist in South Florida and will soon create a school for children and young people. Already in 2018, she founded the Giuseppe Molino Conde Violin Academy in Ecuador.

In her opinion, music helps special needs children to improve their physical and mental health, the learning process, and cognitive functions and stimulates sensitivity, creativity, and imagination; as well as being an inclusive experience.

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