Young Rio Grande Valley Ballet Dancers Follow Their Dream to Perform at Prestigious Ballet Competition

Embracing their passion and love for ballet, the teens committed to train for one of the most important ballet competitions in the world.

Sophia and Eva are devoted and talented ballet dancers from McAllen, Texas. | Source: McAllen Ballet Incubator

MCALLEN, TX–(EINPresswire) — A new ballet school deep in South Texas, the McAllen Ballet Incubator, announced today it was sending two young dancers to perform at one of the top ballet competitions in the world: Eva Ruiz (14), and Sophia Mireles (15).


Sophia and Eva are two ballet students who, since they were six years old, have dedicated their lives to ballet.

From more than eight hours of training per week to private classes and auditions, the eager dancers are looking for the next step in their ballet journey.

Under the lead of MBI’s Artistic Director, Gabriela Antuñano, and one of the school’s most talented ballet teachers, Marcela Cavazos, the dancers decided to invest their time and energy to grow as ballerinas and undertake diligent training in order to compete in one of the most intricate ballet competitions of the century. All these efforts are inspired by their dream of becoming professional ballet dancers at a company.

The two could bring recognition and inspiration to one of the poorest areas in the United States. Their hometown is lacking a professional ballet company, and until the McAllen Ballet Incubator opened its doors, there was no school or studio that just focused on teaching ballet.

“I deeply treasure to see them grow at every class and every rehearsal,” said Antuñano. “This the reason why the McAllen Ballet Incubator exists, to become a sanctuary to the ballet dancers in this region.”

Eva and Sophia are on their way to becoming a symbol of achievement for all young ballet dancers in the Rio Grande Valley. Regardless of the competition’s outcome, their principal goal is to inspire their hometown’s youth and bring home national recognition.

McAllen Ballet Incubator is a sanctuary for ballet dancers in the Rio Grande Valley Area: McAllen, Mission, and Edinburg, Texas. It opened its doors in August 2022 with the purpose of becoming a beacon of excellence in ballet training. Under the lead of Gabriela Antuñano, a graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet, and Marcela Cavazos a professional dancer from the Ballet de Monterrey Company, the school offers a rigorous curriculum to train strong and resilient ballet dancers.

To learn more about the McAllen Ballet Incubator, you can visit or email:

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