Nuestro Stories Launches ‘That Latino Song’ with Documentary about the Surprising Origins of ‘La Cucaracha’

'That Latino Song' docu-series will explore the origins of major Latino songs beginning with 'La Cucaracha.'

Source: Brilla Media Ventures / Nuestros Stories

MIAMI, FL — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — Brilla Media Ventures’ flagship platform Nuestro Stories announced it has launched “That Latino Song,” a new and permanent content channel devoted to telling the origins of every major Latino song spanning from “La Cucaracha” to “Despacito” and every other hit in between.  Fittingly, the first doc tackles the surprising “Origins of La Cucaracha”.


“Music stirs our Latino soul like few other passions across genres, and generations so it’s truly an honor to work with music artists, museums, and other partners to create this platform within Nuestro Stories,” said Nuestro Stories Publisher and Brilla Media Ventures Co-Founder Manny Ruiz. “As the builders of what is fast becoming the multimedia Wikipedia of U.S. Latino origins, and history, we’re blessed to invest deeply in this musical treasure trove of Latino culture.”

The new channel will live within, and across all its social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc…

That Latino Song — Origins of “La Cucaracha”
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As with all its owned and operated media and influencer marketing platforms, Brilla Media is providing brand sponsors of That Latino Song content programs with guaranteed media.  Brilla achieves media guarantees through its own omnichannel platform.

All of Nuestro Stories’ content is produced, written, reported, narrated, edited, and distributed by Latinas, and Latinos.

About Nuestro Stories

The flagship content platform brand of Brilla Media Ventures, Nuestro Stories ( is an innovative, digital media, and documentaries platform that tells THE “Origin Stories” of the cultural traditions, songs, sayings, places, foods, people, sports, nuances, notable achievements, and much more that collectively comprise Latino history and pop culture.

Nuestro Stories is led by Angela Sustaita-Ruiz and Manny Ruiz, creators of Hispanicize and co-founders of the Hispanic social media marketing, and influencer industries, the Latino press release wire industry, and the first network of Hispanic print media companies online.

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