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Recent cancellations of high-profile Film and TV projects with Latina leads prompts online discussion of the Elimination of Latinos in Film and Media

Online discussion 'No Latinos Required: The Lack of Latino Representation in Film and Media' scheduled for Aug 17 at 8pm ET.

ATLANTA, GA — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — The week of July 29, HBO Max’s parent company Warner Bros. Discovery announced the cancellation of the acclaimed and well-reviewed Gordita Chronicles. Citing a change in strategy that would not include Family and Children’s programming, Gordita Chronicles’ first season had barely been released a month prior. Again, pointing to a change in strategy, Warner Bros. Discovery then announced that it would be more profitable if the $90 million Batgirl movie with Latina lead Leslie Grace was not released on HBO Max as intended. Nor would it be given a theatrical release.


That same week, the casting of James Franco, who is neither Cuban nor Latino as Fidel Castro was announced. Prominent voices such as John Leguizamo questioned the choice, saying “How is Hollywood excluding us but stealing our narratives as well? Adding, “I don’t got a prob with Franco but he isn’t Latino!”

As a response, Georgia Latino Film Alliance (GALFA) and Film Impact Georgia (FIG) have assembled a distinguished panel to discuss Hollywood’s seemingly casual disregard for the careers of Latino and Latina talent both in front and behind the camera. Latino audiences have routinely represented over a quarter to a third of the movie-going public in the U.S. In 2021, people of color accounted for the majority of ticket sales for 6 of the top 10 movies in 2021. Whether they intended to or not, Hollywood is sending a clear message. They don’t need Latinos behind the camera or on screen, but they will gladly take their money.

“It’s like the film industry was the NFL… Not for Latinos,” said Dr. Jose A Marquez, CEO and Founder of the Georgia Latino Film Festival, “We are looked only as consumers, not producers and this has to stop.”

On Wednesday, August 17, FIG and GAFLA will bring panelists including producer, director, and actor Danny Hastings; actor and activist Diany Rodriguez; actor and director Fanny Grande; actor Antonio Jaramillo; Georgia Latino International Film Alliance founder and CEO Dr. Jose Marquez, Ph.D.; and Film Impact Georgia Creative Director Charles Judson together for this much-needed discussion.

The panelists will share their own stories and insights into the industry, and progress that’s been made, while also speaking candidly about the lack of Latino Representation and the responsibility Latinos/Latinas in Hollywood in the film and TV industry today and for the next generation of filmmakers. Join the conversation:

“When we were talking to Dr. Jose Marquez about the cancellations and casting choices, he said something to us that stood out,” Film Impact Georgia, Creative Director Charles Judson said. “He said, ‘We want the next generation to feel like they have a home. This tells them they don’t have one.’ This is why this conversation is vital.”

Join the conversation:
What: No Latinos Required: The Lack of Latino representation in film and media
When: Wednesday, August 17, 2022
Time: 8:00pm Eastern Time
Where: Online Event

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