Favor Delivery selects San Antonio native as its first-ever Chief Taco Officer

San Antonio native Chris Flores selected out of hundreds of applicants to travel statewide in search of Texas' best tacos

Meet Favor’s Chief Taco Officer
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AUSTIN, Texas — (PRNewswire) — Favor Delivery, the Texas-based on-demand delivery service that launched a statewide search for its first-ever Chief Taco Officer in April 2022, announced today that Chris Flores of San Antonio, Texas has been named to the coveted position. Selected from hundreds of applicants, Flores will travel across Texas in search of the best tacos the Lone Star State has to offer while documenting and sharing his experience.


Flores will receive over $10,000 for his role as Chief Taco Officer – taste testing tacos across Texas over the course of two months – as well as food, transportation, accommodations, custom Favor swag, and free delivery from Favor for a year.

“Our goal was first and foremost to find someone who has a genuine passion for tacos, storytelling and the history and culture of tacos in Texas, and Chris is exactly that,” said Jag Bath, Favor CEO. “We’ve delivered over 11 million tacos across Texas since Favor’s launch – and as a Texas-born and Texas-based company, needless to say, we take tacos very seriously. We cannot wait for Chris to share his taco journey with the rest of Texas, and really showcase a core component of our state’s cuisine and culture.”

Flores is a native Texan, born in the city he still calls home – San Antonio – and believes every city across the state has its own story to tell through their tacos.

“I love Texas because of the melting pot of different cultures that have migrated here and adopted the taco into their cuisine,” said Chris Flores, Favor’s Chief Taco Officer. “I’m so excited for this opportunity to travel Texas while seeing and tasting the different impact the taco has had on each region.”

Flores will begin documenting his travels and taco experiences in July 2022, visiting Dallas-Fort Worth as the first stop on his trip. As part of the Chief Taco Officer’s journey, Flores will also travel to the greater areas of Austin, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Houston, Lubbock, Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, Waco, and more.

In celebration of Favor’s new Chief Taco Officer, the on-demand delivery service is also offering Texans free delivery on tacos today. Get $0 delivery fees on any order from the Free Taco Delivery category in the Favor app on Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

To learn more about Flores and share recommendations for taco restaurants across Texas with Favor’s Chief Taco Officer, visit Visit Favor’s FacebookInstagramTikTokTwitter and Youtube and follow the hashtag #FavorCTO to follow Flores’ journey as Chief Taco Officer.

Favor’s taco stats across Texas

  • Total number of tacos delivered across Texas: Over 11 million
  • Most popular meal time to order tacos: Breakfast
  • Most ordered breakfast tacos: 1) Bean and Cheese 2) Bacon, Egg and Cheese 3) Potato, Egg and Cheese 4) Migas 5) Chorizo and Egg
  • Most ordered taco meat: 1) Chicken Fajita 2) Chorizo 3) Shrimp 4) Beef Fajita 5) Brisket
  • Most popular salsa to order with tacos: 1) Roja 2) Poblano 3) Verde 4) Tomatillo 5) Chipotle
  • Most popular side to order with tacos: 1) Salsa 2) Queso 3) Guacamole
  • Most popular drinks to order with tacos: 1) Sweet Tea 2) Coke 3) Coffee 4) Dr Pepper 5) Lemonade

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