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Shelly Lares shares her own Pride story and drops Pride single ‘Break Through’

The Tejano ROOTS Hall of Famer shared her own Pride story with audio posted by the Houston Chronicle.

Tejano icon Shelly Lares celebrates 40 years in the music industry this year and the Tejano ROOTS Hall of Famer, known as “Litte Miss Dynamite,” will retire from performing at the end of 2022 after completing her LMD Legacy Tour. The award-winning singer recently shared her very own Pride story, a part of her life she only began to open up to fans a few years ago.


Lares is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, embraced by her family, friends, and fans, the star shared what it was like when she told her family and others in audio posted by the Houston Chronicle.

In 2008, Lares decided to come out to her parents when she planned to move to West Texas with the woman she was dating at the time.

“I knew my parents had an idea for a very long time but it was just not something we discussed, you know, openly,” said Lares. “I also had told myself prior to it that I needed to allow them to feel how they were going to feel and react how they were going to react because ultimately we do not have control over people’s emotions and how they feel towards things. We need to allow people to do and be as they choose but I knew my parents would love me unconditionally no matter what.”

The singer shared that her parents were more upset she was leaving San Antonio not that she was leaving to be with a woman.

“They wanted me to know that whatever I was getting myself into, I would have to deal with whatever consequences came with it if there were any and I was prepared for that as I have been my whole life,” said Lares.

The singer added she only began sharing and being open with her fans in 2012. “I just started sharing my relationships with my fans, you know, like I do anything else and (the) majority of my fan base were extremely supportive,” she said. “I think they just wanted to see me happy, to be honest.

Four years ago, Lares met the love of her life, her girlfriend, Mia Gutierrez, who she considers her “ride or die.”

“We don’t make each other happy we add to each other’s happiness. We’re happy with or without each other but we’re just better together,” said Lares. “We support each other as a couple. We support each other individually. We continue to lift each other up, we never argue, we just laugh and enjoy life together.”

Mia and Shelly | Photo: Facebook/Shelly Lares

“Break Through” is a Pride song written by Lares that expresses her outlook on life which was released this month and features Eric Lee, Anjelique, Squishy, and Izak A.

“The line in my song is, ‘Be free, live and have the time of your life.’ Don’t be afraid. I know it’s hard. You cannot put restrictions on your happiness for other people. We have to give ourselves our own validation,” she said.

“Break Through” — Shelly Larex x Eric Lee x Squishy
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Listen to the full Shelly Lares audio at the Houston Chronicle.

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