Grupo Vida announce reunion tour with Eddie Gonzalez

The announcement was made just a few days after a surprise performance with Vida and Gonzalez in San Antonio.

Grupo Vida perform with Eddie Gonzalez in a surprise performance in San Antonio, Texas on April 7, 2022. | Photo: Facebook/Grupo Vida

After the success of their surprise reunion performance at Fiesta de Los Reyes in San Antonio earlier this month, Grupo Vida announced a reunion tour with Eddie Gonzalez.


Grupo Vida made the announcement via social media just a few days after the surprise performance. “After the ongoing support of last week’s event. We are doing it! 25 years in the making – Grupo Vida featuring Eddie Gonzalez will be back with a limited exclusive tour. This is the one and only real reunion that has never been done before,” said the post.

The performance on April 7 at historic Market Square in downtown San Antonio was the first time Vida and Gonzalez had performed together for the first time in over two decades.

In a video posted of the performance by Grupo Vida on social media, it was captioned, “The night everyone said would not happen. After 25 years back on stage together! Grupo Vida goes back to where it began. Kik it!”

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The Kikin It Again Tour is currently scheduling limited dates. Although Vida and Gonzalez will be performing together during the tour it does not mean the group and the singer are together again permanently.

Troy Castillo, Gonzalez’s manager, released a statement on the tour announcement. “Eddie Gonzalez Is Not Leaving His Grupo Natural to go play for Grupo Vida. They are trying something out and they will be playing once in a while. Meanwhile, Eddie Gonzalez’s group is going strong. We had to make a statement because we were getting too many calls from club owners and promoters and our fans that we have dates with and out-of-state gigs were worried. So we had to let the club owners and promoters and our fans know that’s not the case.”

Grupo Vida was formed in 1992 by brothers Tim Villanueva and John Villanueva, along with singer Gonzalez and former accordion player Sunny Sauceda. Grupo Vida entertained thousands of fans with their energetic shows and brand of live entertainment. The 1996 album Kik It from Eddie Gonzalez Y Grupo Vida sold over 100,000 copies in the United States and Mexico. Vida decided to part ways with Gonzalez in 1997.

“This is the one and only real reunion that has never been done before,” added Grupo Vida in another social media post. It’s a reunion tour 25 years in the making that fans can’t wait to learn the schedule for the Kikin It Again Tour, which will feature current members of Grupo Vida with Gonzalez.

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