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Los Chamacos premiere official music video for ‘Chamacos Medley 1’

The five-time Grammy nominated group premiered the video for a medley in puro Chamacos style.

Los Chamacos — Chamacos Medley 1 (Music Video)
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Los Chamacos premiered the official music video for their latest single, “Chamacos Medley 1,” a popurri of three tunes featuring the signature style of the iconic Conjunto group.


Roel Joslin of Los Chamacos shared details of the five-time Grammy-nominated group’s new medley with Tejano Nation. “We were just here in the studio messing around and this is what we came out with,” he said. “It wasn’t something that was planned and that’s the way most things are usually. We don’t plan it, we may have some ideas individually but we come in and put it together as a band and we go from there.”

“Chamacos Medley 1” features the songs “Te Equivocaste,” “Déjame Partir,” and “Que Bonito Es El Amor” in pure Chamacos style.

“That’s the thing about it, I know a lot of people redo songs and they try to imitate when they first heard it,” added Joslin. “I always say, look we’re not here to imitate another band, we’re here to do it our style. We can put some stuff that they did, arrangements, whatnot, but it’s still Chamacos style.”

The visual for the medley was filmed in San Antonio, Texas by award-winning director Ryan Bazan and produced by Nzone Studios.

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