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George Rivas premieres ‘A La Izquierda De Mi Cama’ music video

The GRAMMY-nominated Tejano star released a cinematic music video for his new single with an impactful message.

George Rivas — “A La Izquierda De Mi Cama” Official Music Video
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GRAMMY nominee George Rivas premiered the official music video for his latest release “A La Izquierda De Mi Cama” on Saturday (April 9).


“A La Izquierda De Mi Cama” is an achievement of undeniable quality that elevates the standards and expectations of Tejano genre fans of all ages worldwide. The tune begins with a beautiful original keyed melody, large powerful brass, and then erupts onto a fast tempo drum rhythm as smooth vocal textures grace the ear, uplifting any audience with exhilarating anticipation; embarking on a fantastic experience through stellar music and superb sound production. Mysterious, almost supernatural forces gather in the ambiance as the magic of “A La Izquierda De Mi Cama” takes form.

This song, written by Rivas and based on his genuine life experiences, is steadily performed exhibiting his several distinct talents; all of which elements exist at the most elite level of their craft and artistry. “La Izquierda De Mi Cama” carries an impactful message and theme; a telling reminder that life moves on, and that better opportunities can arrive at any moment. 

In conjunction with Drop Zone Films and Razor Sharp Productions, “A La Izquierda De Mi Cama” is accompanied by a beautifully crisp music video directed by Daniel “Danny” Ramos, a multi-award winning Director/Producer behind highly-acclaimed films like Margarita Man and Paparazzi: Full Throttle LA documentary.

About George Rivas

George Rivas began his musical career at age eleven. A renowned keyboardist, he has played an influential role in helping many bands find success over his lengthy career. He is an authentic Tejano musician, having played professionally since 1964.

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