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Jaime DeAnda details near-death experience, looks ahead with a solid, skilled team

The Conjunto icon continues his over 40-year career after life-saving surgery in December.

For more than 40 years, Tejano and Conjunto icon Jaime DeAnda has shaped the sound and on-stage style of the genre with his incomparable accordion skills, immediately-recognizable voice, and dynamic live performances.


In late December, however, the music world almost lost the longtime, charismatic performer following an infection that affected his breathing and gave him a 50/50 chance at survival.

But DeAnda not only pulled through after life-saving surgery, but he also stepped back on stage as Jaime DeAnda y Los Furiosos less than two months after the harrowing ordeal.

DeAnda spoke exclusively to Tejano Nation in between sets on April 2 at downtown San Antonio’s Tejano Explosion event and shared in detail how he first knew something was seriously wrong, the medical procedure that saved his life, and how he recovered so quickly.

Jaime DeAnda Y Los Furiosos Interview
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“The good thing is everybody’s support really picks you up,” DeAnda said, of the concern from his fanbase. “It’s better than medication.”

DeAnda talks about fears that his medical crisis would affect his voice and how he handled the public’s doubts about his ability to perform again. He credits his team, including his wife, Darlene, and manager, Julian “Jullzz” Johnson, as major sources of encouragement for him as he battled his way back to health.

“The hardest thing to do is say, ‘You know what? I can do it again,'” DeAnda said. “I’m ready. I can…A lot of people are thinking, ‘Oh, is he gonna be able to or how long is it going to be?'”

“Anytime you come out of any kind of surgery, you don’t come out 100 percent at the moment,” DeAnda said. “But you know what? It’s having the strength to say, ‘I will do it again. I can do it again and I’ll be on stage.’ I’m gonna give it all I can.”

In addition, DeAnda speaks about his professional future, and fans will meet his team of experienced musicians, each of who boasts impressive musical background and share a deep respect for their iconic frontman.

Jaime DeAnda Y Los Furiousos perform at Tejano Explosion 2022.
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Band members include Stevie Ray Vavages, bajo sexto, formerly with Bobby Pulido, Los Texmaniacs, Flavio Longoria, and Boni Mauricio; drummer Aaron Holler formerly with Jay Perez, Pulido, Gary Hobbs, Ram Herrera, and Joe Lopez; and bassist Pete Gutierrez, formerly with Los Chavalozz, Eddie Gonzalez, Elida Reyna, and Sunny Sauceda, to name a few.

DeAnda’s musical legacy includes his decades of success as the leader of the popular Jaime y Los Chamacos, but when the group split in 2018 and the Chamacos continued on their own, DeAnda pursued his own musical path.

The latest singles from Jaime DeAnda y Los Furiosos include the AB Quintanilla-produced, “Vete A Volar,” and “Vuelve Por Favor,” from veteran producer Gabriel Zavala.

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