Jay Perez strolls to bar for a drink with Stevie D during performance [VIDEO]

"The Voice" decided to get a drink while performing one of his songs at a concert in Gonzales, Texas.

Jay Perez, Stevie D, and Jim Luna | Photo: Jennifer Sanchez/Facebook

Jay Perez decided to take matters into his own hands when he needed a drink during a performance in Gonzales, Texas on Saturday night (March 26). “The Voice” strolled over to the bar to take a shot next to fellow Tejano singer Stevie D and the event promoter Jim Luna while performing his hit song “Este Pobre Corazon” at the JB Wells Expo Hall.


A video posted on TikTok by Annette Andrade captures the moment Perez left the stage and headed to the bar for that drink. The five-time Latin GRAMMY nominee didn’t miss a beat taking a shot during the performance even walking back to the stage and continuing the show.

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Another video shared online by Jennifer Sanchez, who was behind the bar, shows Perez taking a shot with Luna and even posing for a photo that was posted online. Hey, when you need a drink, you need a drink.

Jay Perez gets a drink at the bar during a song performance on March 26, 2022. | Video courtesy of Jennifer Sanchez
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Jay Perez released El Maestro in May 2021 and the album reached the top of the iTunes Latin Albums chart less than 24 hours after its release. It was the first time in his 27-year solo career for the crooner to reach the top spot on the Albums chart.

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