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Lydia Castillo presents the first-ever vertical Tejano music video with ‘Mentiras’

The visual, produced by Lupe Moya, is featured in the increasingly popular vertical format optimized for mobile viewing.

YouTube / LM Media Solutions

The official music video for “Mentiras,” the hit song from Tejano singer Lydia Castillo, is the first-ever vertical video in the Tejano music industry.


The visual produced by Lupe Moya of LM Media Solutions was rendered from 4K footage into a 1080 x 1920 mobile phone format to perfectly frame intimate angles and frames not seen in the existing wide-format videos.

Castillo commented, “I would like to thank Lupe Moya for this amazing video and for giving me the opportunity to be the very first Tejano artist to have a vertical video. Vertical videos are it now. You see them on TikTok and all different genres of music. So this is very special to me and an honor to be the first in our industry. Tejano ain’t dead body! It’s evolving! We are growing and I’m doing my part to make sure we keep going.”

For years, music videos have been exclusively shot from a landscape perspective. It’s a medium originally made for TV. This becomes frustrating whenever viewers try to watch a cellphone — there’s flipping, rotating, and oftentimes plenty of stopping and starting required. But recently, artists and directors have been attempting to remedy this by promoting the “vertical video,” shot in portrait mode and optimized for phone-screen viewing. Recently there has been a rise with “official” vertical clips with mainstream artists releasing vertical clips alongside their “official” music videos.

Statistics cited by CNET revealed that almost 57 percent of video plays worldwide were on cellphones, a figure that reflects the growing number of people owning smartphones. Platforms such as YouTube and Netflix have stormed ahead of live television — the new generation favors streaming, and streaming is infinitely easier on a mobile device.

“Mentiras” was written by award-winning and legendary composer Humberto “Beto” Ramon and produced by GRAMMY winner Hugo Guerrero. The song that captures betrayal and broken promises is the latest single released from Castillo’s debut album Mi Pasado.

Watch the video below. Best viewed on a mobile device. Click on the Youtube widescreen icon and zoom in to fill the screen effect.

Lydica Castillo — “Mentiras” (Official Vertical Video)
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