Destiny Navaira performs at the Grand Opening of Los Ayala Drummers Shop

The award-winning singer performed some of her latest hits from her upcoming sophomore album.

Destiny Navaira at Ayala Drummers Shop and Global Case Shop in

HIDALGO, TX — San Antonio native Destiny Navaira performed with her group Remedio n Hidalgo, Texas on Tuesday (March 22), at the grand opening of Los Ayala Drummers Shop owned and operated by José Luis Ayla Jr. (Drummer for Ramon Ayala and son of the late José Luis Ayala) and Rafa Ruiz, CEO of Global Case Shop, a Destiny Navaira sponsor.


“It was such an honor to be invited to perform at this amazing event,” said Destiny. “Being able to take my Tejano roots and play in an entirely different setting is exactly what I’m trying to do with my music and career.”

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The event was attended by Ramon and Fidencio Ayala, Ricky Munoz and Rene Martinez of Intocable, Elida Reyna, and many more, which was streamed live from popular YouTube show Pistos, Pericas, y Musica.

Destiny Navaira Y Grupo Remedio perform at Los Ayala Drummer Shop
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Destiny added, “We have been working so hard on the new music we’ve been recording since 2018 and it was such a great experience to be able to share it with artists and musicians that I look up to.”  

The highly-anticipated sophomore album from the 2021 Tejano Music Awards Female Vocalist of the Year is scheduled for release in April.

“I feel proud to be one of the newer artists of my genre and this is only the beginning and I’d like to thank everyone for the support,” said Destiny.

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