National Spring Cleaning Survey Reveals U.S. Hispanics are ‘Greening’ Up Their Cleaning and Homes

A majority of U.S. Hispanics who will spring clean this year are considering taking action to lessen their impact on the environment

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INGLEWOOD, CO – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) – With the official start to spring underway, spring cleaning is top-of-mind for many Americans. A recent Bona/Harris Poll survey of over 2,000 U.S. adults, among whom nearly 300 are Hispanic adults, found that 96% of Hispanics across the U.S. plan to spring clean this year, and more than half (55%) have made the switch to cleaning products with more environmentally friendly ingredients in the past year.


While many have made the change already, 78% of Hispanics who will spring clean this year say they are interested in trying cleaning products made from environmentally friendly ingredients when spring cleaning this year, and 85% of Hispanics overall note that having environmentally-friendly ingredients is an important attribute they look for when choosing cleaning products for their home. When considering their impact on the environment and how to lessen the impact this spring cleaning season, using cleaning products with environmentally friendly ingredients was the top response with 57% of those planning to spring clean saying they would consider it.

“Spring is the perfect time to not only organize and tidy-up but to also bring in cleaning products that are safer for the home year-round. With today’s formula innovations, we know that cleaning can be effective and safer for families, pets, and the planet,” said Andy Telatnik, Director of Marketing – Retail, Bona. “In this survey, we were pleased to see that not only are more Americans making the switch to more environmentally friendly cleaning products but that some of the previously held misconceptions surrounding the efficacy of these products seem to be fading.”

Other survey highlights from the 2022 Bona Spring Cleaning Poll include:

— Changing Out Household Items: U.S. Hispanics have made big strides in greening up their homes with 86% noting they have changed at least one household product to be more environmentally friendly in the past year. Leading products include cleaning (55%), food (51%), beauty (47%), and paper (42%). 

— Environmentally Friendly Ingredients for Cleaning: 43% of U.S. Hispanics say they are very likely to switch from traditional cleaning products to environmentally friendly products. Additionally, nearly 2 in 5 Hispanics (39%) say having cleaners that are made from environmentally friendly ingredients is absolutely essential/extremely important.

— Spring Cleaning and the Environment: In addition to considering using cleaning products that are environmentally friendly (57%), many U.S. Hispanics who will spring clean this year say they are considering doing the following to reduce their impact: donating clothes or furniture instead of throwing them out (54%), adding plants to their home to improve air quality (48%), adding an air purifier to their home (34%) and composting (26%).

— Importance of Pet Safety: U.S. Hispanics are also taking their pets into consideration when thinking about cleaning, with 85% stating that safety for pets is an important attribute in their home cleaning products.

— COVID Cleaning: In 2021’s survey, nearly half of U.S. Hispanics (47%) said they were cleaning less than in comparison to the first few months of the pandemic. In 2022, nearly 3 in 5 Hispanic Americans (59%) say they are cleaning less.

With the environment in mind, Bona’s hardwood and hard surface formulas were reformulated last year and received the U.S. EPA’s Safer Choice certification. The amplified formulations are crafted with plant-derived ingredients, use water-based and biodegradable solutions, and are free of parabens, formaldehyde, ammonia, phthalates, and phosphates. Additionally, Bona offers a suite of cleaning solutions for floors and other hard surfaces to make cleaning safer, easy, and effective.

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