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Joe Zuniga is first Tejano artist to perform at Carnaval Miami – Calle Ocho Festival since Selena

The Florida-based singer becomes first Tejano artist to perform at Calle Ocho since Selena in 1995.

Florida-based singer Joe Zuniga will be the first Tejano artist to perform at Carnaval Miami – Calle Ocho Festival since late Latin music icon Selena in 1995.

Selena performs at Calle Ocho in 1995. (Courtesy photo)

This is huge news since Calle Ocho is the largest Latino festival in the country with over a million attendees each year and has not had a Tejano performance since the “Queen of Cumbia” performed on March 12, 1995.

An energizing afternoon immersed in Greater Miami and Miami Beach’s Latin soul, nothing tops the Calle Ocho Music Festival. The annual street party is one of the largest celebrations of its kind in the U.S., and for more than 40 years, it has been a landmark event for residents and visitors alike. Zuniga is scheduled to perform on Sunday, March 13, 2022, on the CentroAmericana stage at 4 pm.

“The thought of being only the second artist to share our culture, our Tejano music, with this crowd, is super humbling,” commented Zuniga. “Our beloved Selena was the first and only Tejano artist to perform there back on March 12, 1995, so just imagine what my nerves are going through to follow in those footsteps. I had the privilege of meeting Selena when I was a kid here in Florida. I instantly became a fan and she instantly became one of my musical role models. I remember seeing the media coverage of her performance at Calle Ocho and now that I have the opportunity to perform there as well is just amazing to me and a huge blessing! I’m sincerely honored!”

Joe Zuniga (Courtesy photo)

Born in Miami, Florida, Joe Zuniga currently resides in the beautiful metropolitan area of Tampa Bay, where he is widely known as “Mr. Tampa.” He is involved in many organizations throughout the area and serves as a motivational and inspirational speaker at colleges and universities.


In 2011, Zuniga realized his adolescent dreams and decided to professionally launch his singing career. In 2012, he became the first from Florida to be nominated for a Tejano Music Award and also won a Tejano Globe Award for Best New Artist with his debut single. He was also a finalist on the international Latino talent show Tengo Talento Mucho TalentoSince then, the singer has traveled and performed at various venues throughout the country and has won other Regional Mexican music awards.


Having overcome daunting adversity in his life, Zuniga has since dedicated himself to sharing his life story and talents in order to reach those who may be facing challenges and defeat as well. His inspiring story is one of redemption, determination, success, and encouragement.

In addition to sharing his own unique story, he hopes to be a voice through which others can share their stories.


Aside from writing music, Zuniga wanted to write something more in-depth. He said, “I wanted to accomplish something that seemed so out of reach and that would take things to another level. That’s when I focused my energy on writing a book. Originally, I had planned to write my own autobiography but then the opportunity to write about Debra LaFave presented itself. “

He had his first book, A Crown Of Beauty for Ashes, published in December 2016. 

Joe Zuniga is living out his dreams with his multitude of God-given talents, his determination, and his drive to inspire. No doubt his mother would be so proud of all of his accomplishments.

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