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Savannah V returns to her mariachi roots with ‘La Más Fuerte’

The award-winning singer returns to her musical roots with new single she co-wrote.

Award-winning singer Savannah V returns to her musical roots with “La Más Fuerte,” a mariachi track produced by four-time Grammy-nominated producer Gabriel Zavala.


The song, co-written by Savannah and Peruvian singer-songwriter Acmed Tuesta, is a complete mini novela filled with passion and drama about broken love.

“I came about that song a year and a half ago, I was in a dark place,” Savannah tells Tejano Nation. “I had been mourning my grandfather and of course I’m still morning my mother, it’s been a couple of years but it’s still hard for everyone in my family, especially for me since she was the rock of the family. I wrote that song crying my eyes out. This songs means a lot to me just going back into my roots from where I started with the mariachi tune so I had to top that.”

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“You hear a lot of different songs, you hear that people are in love and then you hear the harsh breakup,” she added. “Either it was the man cheating on the woman or the woman cheating on the man. This song, it came from my heart. I’ve been going through a lot growing up and seeing a lot of things. This song, I would like to say, I guess an imaginary song that I came up with but with feeling.”

Zavala produced two versions of “La Más Fuerte,” a modern mariachi track fused with a trap drum sound and a traditional mariachi song showcasing the Tejano Music Awards winner’s signature vocal style.

“Of course he added the violins, he added the strings and all that good stuff,” said Savannah. “He sent it to me and whoo, I cried, that one made me cry. So the traditional is vocally, I mean, it tells the whole story. It’s crazy.”

“La Más Fuerte” from Savannah V will be available to download on all digital music platforms on February 18, but you can listen to it below.

Savanah V — “La Más Fuerte”
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