Monica Saldivar leads nominations for second annual Premios Tejano Mundial

The second annual Premios Tejano Mundial showcases the diversity of Tejano culture across various music genres.

Monica Saldivar received the most nominations for the second annual Premios Tejano Mundial announced earlier this month by the Tejano Music Recording Academy (TMRCA).


The Grand Prairie, Texas singer earned nominations in six categories including Album of the Year for Soy Mas Fuerte, the album’s title track received Mariachi Song of the Year and Female Vocal Performance of the Year, while two other songs from the album received nominations, “Amor Sincero” for Norteño Song of the Year, and Cumbia Song of the Year for “Si Me Dices Que Si.” Her duet with Emanuel J, “A Mi Lado,” received a nomination for Collaboration of the Year. The music video for “Soy Mas Fuerte” received a Video of the Year nomination for director Ryan Bazan.

Gabriel Zavala, Miguel Hernandez, and Sonja De La Paz each received four nominations. Hitmaker Zavala obtained nominations for Songwriter, Producer, and Engineer, along with Crossover Song of the Year for his feature with Savannah V on “Perra Mala.” Veteran musician Hernandez earned a nomination for Album of the Year with Lucky No. 7, two nominations for Progressive Song of the Year with “Al Fin” and “Fruta Prohibida,” and Male Vocal Performance for “Eres Tu.” De La Paz collected nominations for Collaboration, Female Vocal Performance, and Cumbia Pop Song for “Me Decias” featuring Veno Mona, along with Social Artist of the Year.

Premios Tejano Mundial showcases the diversity of Tejano culture by awarding “Canción del Año” across various genres such as Chicano, Conjunto, Crossover, Cumbia, Gospel, Mariachi, Norteño, as well as recognize achievements in songwriting, producing, and engineering.

Winners will be announced during a live show at the San Antonio Shrine Auditorium on Sunday, February 20, 2022, at 7:00 p.m.

Full list of nominees for Premios Tejano Mundial 2022:

Entertainer of the Year

  • AJ Castillo
  • Jesse Turner
  • Shelly Lares
  • Stefani Montiel
  • Sunny Sauceda

New Artist of the Year

  • Andie Bustamante
  • JC Hernandez
  • Karla Christina
  • Ruby Anne
  • The Homeboyz

Group/Duo of the Year

  • Intocable
  • La Calma
  • Siggno
  • South TX Homies
  • Sunny Sauceda Y Todo Eso

Album of the Year

  • After Party — Sunny Sauceda Y Todo Eso
  • El Maestro — Jay Perez
  • LMD82 — Shelly Lares
  • Lucky No. 7 – Miguel Hernandez
  • Soy Mas Fuerte — Monica Saldivar

Collaboration of the Year

  • “A Mi Lado” — Emanuel J ft. Monica Saldivar
  • “Amor Del Otro Lado” — Roger Velasquez & Latin Legendz ft. Jesse Borrego
  • “Me Decias” — Sonja De La Paz ft Veno Mona
  • “Verdad Que Duele” — Siggno ft Chris Perez
  • “Vete A Volar” — Jaime DeAnda Y Los Furiosos ft AB Quintanilla

Social Artist of the Year

  • Chris Perez
  • Eric Lee
  • Leonel Correa
  • Shelly Lares
  • Sonja De La Paz

Video of the Year

  • “Amor Del Otro Lado” — Aaron Lopez (Director)
  • “Como Te Atreves” — Ryan Bazan (Director)
  • “Irremediable” — Estevan Gonzalez & Stevie D (Directors)
  • “Llorare Por Ti” — Baldemar Garcia (Director)
  • “Soy Mas Fuerte” — Ryan Bazan (Director)

Male Vocal Performance

  • Gabe Rivera — “Fe”
  • Jay Perez — “Eres”
  • Jesse Turner — “Verdad Que Duele”
  • Miguel Hernandez — “Eres Tu”
  • Ram Herrera — “Te Traicione”

Female Vocal Peformance

  • Elida Reyna — “Todo Es Diferente”
  • Genyva — “Como Te Atreves”
  • Monica Saldivar — “Soy Mas Fuerte”
  • Sonja De La Paz — “Me Decias”
  • Stefani Montiel — “Ya Lo Ves”

Chicano Song of the Year

  • “Cantinera” — Karizma Band
  • “Chicano Boogaloo” — Roger Velasquez & The Lating Legendz
  • “Ensename” — Tortilla Factory ft. Lia G
  • “Mi Amiga, Mi Esposa, Y Mi Amante” — Avizo ft. Joe Posada
  • “Mujeres” — James Rodriguez ft. David Marez

Conjunto Song of the Year

  • “No Vales La Pena” — Los Arenales
  • “Oye Chula” — David Farias
  • “Pudrete En La Tristeza” — The Homeboyz
  • “Vete A Volar” — Jaime DeAnda Y Los Furiosos ft. AB Quintanilla

Crossover Song of the Year

  • “Corazon Rebelde” — Magali Delarosa
  • “Maldita” — The Last Bandoleros
  • “Perra Mala” — Savannah V ft. Gabriel Zavala
  • “Tas Loca Baby” — Tejano Bluesman
  • “Tears In My Menudo” — Bob Ram & The Rams

Cumbia Song of the Year

  • “Contigo” — Marcus Daniels
  • “Marioposas” — Demmi Garcia
  • “Si Me Dices Que Si” — Monica Saldivar
  • “Me Tienes Loco” — Tristan Ramos
  • “Ya Lo Ves” — Stefani Montiel

Cumbia Pop song of the Year

  • “Me Decias” — Sonja De La Paz ft. Veno Mona
  • “Mi Cumbia” — Ruby Anne
  • “Pelon” — Boyz of Kumbia
  • “Por Que No Vuelves” — Angelica
  • “Toda La Noche” — Eric Lee

Gospel Song of the Year

  • “Jesucristo Te Da Ese Amor” — Bebe Martinez
  • “Manos Vacia” — Jerry Sanchez
  • “No Sufras Mas” — Juan R Guerra
  • “Nomas Un Camino Hay” — Johnny Arreola
  • “Para Siempre” — Susy Gonzales

Mariachi Song of the Year

  • “Caminado” — Adrian Solis
  • “Llorare Por Ti” — Magali Delarosa
  • “Simplemente Se Acabo” — Oscar Ivan Trevino
  • “Soy Mas Fuerte” — Monica Saldivar

Norteño Song of the Year

  • “Amor Sincero” — Monica Salidvar
  • “Antidoto Y Veneno” — Solido
  • “De Nuevo” — Jordan Rodriguez
  • “El Precio De Tu Adios” — Bajo Zero
  • “Me Da Gusto” — Destiny Navaira

Progressive Song of the Year

  • “Al Fin” — Miguel Hernandez
  • “Con Tu Amor” — Demmi Garcia ft. David Lee Garza
  • “Fe” — Texas Latino
  • “Fruta Prohibia” — Miguel Hernandez
  • “Para Volvernos Amar” — Jay Perez

Songwriter of the Year

  • Eduardo “Yayo” Anguiano
  • Gabriel Zavala
  • Jonathan Espinoza
  • Juan H Trevino
  • Severo “Sevy” Contreras

Producer of the Year

  • Eddie Perez
  • Gabriel Zavala
  • Jonathan Espinoza
  • Richard Rosales
  • Severo “Sevy” Contreras

Engineer of the Year

  • Aaron Holler
  • Eddie Perez
  • Ernie Gonzales
  • Gabriel Zavala
  • Severo “Sevy” Contreras

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  1. Oscar Rodriguez

    I was just wondering, who created Tejano Mundial, meaning the group/people? None of this information is anywhere on their website. Is this award seen as taking over importance from the TTMA? Is it a replacement?


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