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Laura Linda continues comeback with release of ‘El Besito’ single and video

The Tejano Music Awards winner extends her reemergence with new single and video after 20 years away from music industry.

Laura Linda — “El Besito” (Official Video)
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Laura Linda continues her comeback with the release of a new single and music video, “El Besito.” A song written by legendary songwriter Beto Ramon and produced by Severo “Sevy” Contreras of Slack Monster Studios.


“Beto Ramon is a powerhouse, back in the day he wrote many songs which hit all over the charts, all throughout Texas and Mexico, and so now he wrote ‘El Besito’,” Laura Linda tells Tejano Nation. “This is the first single that I did under Slackmonster with Sevy Contreras. He’s phenomenal and we put out a beautiful single, ‘El Besito’.”

The Dallas-based singer returned to music in December 2019 after taking a 20-year hiatus from the industry to focus on her education, family, and starting her own dance business, Cervera Dance Company. She has released four singles, including reuniting with La Nueva Imagen Mazz bandmate Brando Mireles to produce her first three comeback songs.

“I’m at a great point in my life and I’ve got to do everyting I wanted to do,” she said. “I’m refreshed and revamped, and now I just want to go and do what I enjoy doing the most and I want to have fun and it’s going great by the way. It’s going so great!”

Laura Linda burst onto the Tejano Music scene after successfully touring in the Country music industry for many years where she incorporated Tejano music into her performances and realized her strong desire to crossover and pursue a career in the Tejano music industry. She released debut Tejano album, Sufro Por Ti, under the independent record label Diamond International. The album’s title track appeared on Radio y Musica charts and airplay afforded Laura Linda nominations for the Tejano Music Awards.

Laura Linda’s sophomore album, Por Ti released by Joey International, charted very well on the airwaves including the title track “Por Ti” and ‘Como Voy A Dejarte De Amar’ climbing the Radio Y Musica charts steadily. In 2000, Laura Linda received an Achievement of Excellence Award in the Tejano music industry and TTMA awarded her Instrumental of The Year for “El Circo.”

The songstress plans to release her fifth comeback single and music video next month to celebrate her 2022 Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair appearance with her Dallas All-Star Band reemerging with a full force powerful comeback to the top of the Tejano Industry.

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