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Lia G and Alfredo Guerrero of Tortilla Factory, Shelly Lares discuss new collaboration ‘Recuérdame’

Lia G, Shelly Lares, and Alfredo Guerrero share details about the mariachi collaboration with Tejano Nation's DJ Peaches.

“Recuérdame” is the new sultry collaboration from Tortilla Factory featuring the soulful vocals of lead vocalist Lia G and Shelly Lares. The mariachi track, produced by Gabriel Zavala, has already garnered success topping the Super Tejano Radio chart in San Louis Potosi, Mexico, and climbing many other charts. Lia G, Shelly Lares, and Tortilla Factory bandleader Alfredo Guerrero discussed the duet in an exclusive interview with Tejano Nation.


Lia G was honored to work with a Tejano music icon. “Shelly has always been one of my heroes in Tejano music, so for me to be able to have this opportunity to be able to do this beautiful duet with her was such an incredible and magical experience,” she said. “I think our voices sound so beautiful together and it was so much fun recording it with her, too.”

“Little Miss Dynamite” had previous success with a Tortilla Factory duet in 2015, “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti,” with Guerrero, and knew she wanted to work with Lia G the first time she heard her sing. “At the Tejano Music Awards in 2019, I was backstage somewhere and I heard the music start for the show and I just hear this voice and I was like, ‘Who’s that?’,” said Lares. “It’s just a big honor, you know me because I have so much respect for amazing vocalists and I just absolutely loved the way that we sounded together.”

Guerrero added he believes the Zavala-produced track will be another successful collaboration. “The song is absolutely amazing,” he said. “The way Lia and Shelly expressed this story was very passionate, very emotional, and the song is going to do very well.”

The opening of “Recuérdame” showcases the awesome sound of Paul “Superman” Stephens on the horns. Adding the vocals of two superstars in the industry just brought the single to another level.

“The studio session was magical,” added Lia G. “It was evident that the spirit of Alfredo’s daughter and granddaughter plus Shelly’s father was felt in the studio sessions.”

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Guerrero lost his 21-year-old daughter Mikayla and 2-year-old granddaughter Savannah in a tragic auto accident in July 2020. Lares lost her father, Fred Lares, who passed away in 2016.

The beautiful single, “Recuérdame” comes at a time when people need healing, from a loss of a loved one. A complete story is being told by my talented, gifted musicians. “Recuérdame” is available to stream or download on all digital platforms.

Listen to the interview with Alfredo Guerrero, Lia G, and Shelly Lares below.

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