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Siggno releases emotional music video for heartfelt new single ‘Guárdame Un Espacio’

The music video is a touching tribute for anyone that has lost a loved one..

Courtesy of Azteca Records

Siggno released the official music video for the six-time Latin Grammy-winning group’s emotional song, “Guárdame Un Espacio.” It’s a touching tribute for anyone that has lost a loved one.


Siggno frontman Jesse Turner tells Tejano Nation radio affiliate Magic 106.5 FM in Lubbock, you may need a tissue when viewing the music video. “It’s hard to watch and not cry,” he said. “It’s a very heartfelt swallow to let go of dad, but that’s what the song says, ‘Guárdame Un Espacio.’ It says hold a spot up there for me. It’s not a goodbye, it’s I’ll see you one of these days. We’re going to have that moment where we see each other again.”

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Turner added that memories of his own father, who passed away when he was just seven years old, came back to him as well when writing and recording the song, and others will feel the same.

“This song is for everyone that is going through a moment with their dad. Your dad might be sick and you don’t have that much time with your dad,” said Turner. “This song is meant for those people that have lost their dad, lost their mom. You know it’s hard but it’s also part of life.”

“Believe it or not doing this song brings me a sense of peace to my heart,” he added. “It’s a chapter of my life that I write in a song and let those feelings go for my dad.”

Siggno — “Guárdame Un Espacio”
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