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Jesse Turner of Siggno shares heartfelt message behind new single ‘Guárdame Un Espacio’

The Siggno frontman spoke about the meaning behind the group's latest single in an interview with Magic 106.5 FM.

Courtesy of Azteca Records

“Guárdame Un Espacio” is the latest single from Siggno and frontman Jesse Turner shared the heartfelt message behind the emotional song during an interview with Tejano Nation radio affiliate Magic 106.5 FM in Lubbock on Oct. 29.


Turner mentions the song was written after a conversation with Leo Correa, the singer and accordionist for La Calma, a group signed to Turner’s J-Turn Records, about the loss of his father, Leonel Correa Sr, who passed away in June of 2017.

Jesse Turner of Siggno on Magic 106.5 FM / Lubbock, Texas on Oct. 29

“I told him, you know you’re dad is still with you and it was very unexpected for me to give him a message that was only meant for him and I’m not going to repeat it and he was very thoughtful, he was caught up in his emotions,” Turner tells Jennifer “Chismosa’ Martinez, Magic 106.5 morning host and program director. “I came back home with all those thoughts — with his expression, with his feelings — and when I got home, I thought about my dad, I thought about my situation.”

Turner had written “Mama” with Wences Romo, a hit song released in 2012 and has become a signature song for Siggno.

“I said, you know what? I think it’s time that I talked about something that I’ve never talked about and we sat down at we wrote ‘Guárdame Un Espacio’,” he said.

Turner added memories of his own father, who passed away when he was just 7-years-old, came back to him as well, when writing the new song and it became a message to loved ones who have passed away.

“That’s why the song is titled ‘Guárdame Un Espacio,’ it says hold a spot up there for me,” he said. “It’s not a goodbye, it’s I’ll see you one of these days. We’re going to have that moment where we’ll see each other again.”

“Guárdame Un Espacio” from Siggno is available on all digital music platforms and fans can expect the emotional official music video to premiere on Friday, November 5.

Siggno – Guárdame Un Espacio (Lyric Video)
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