Destiny Navaira joined Grupo La Leyenda for Emilio tribute during Pa’l Norte festival in Monterrey

The award-winning vocalist performed her rendition of “Juntos” and “Cómo le Haré" with the Mexican group.

Destiny Navaira performs with La Leyenda at P’al Norte music festival in Monterrey, Mexico. | Courtesy photo

San Antonio native Destiny Navaira, who has taken her musical career to Monterrey, Mexico, performed at PA’L NORTE, a Mexican music festival that featured bands and artists from Alejandro Fernández to The Foo Fighters this past weekend. The award-winning singer had the opportunity to be featured during the performance of Grupo La Leyenda (led by Eliseo Robles Jr.) to honor late Tejano music icon Emilio Navaira and Destiny had the privilege to sing her rendition of her uncle’s hits “Juntos” and “Cómo le Haré.”


“I am so honored to have experienced not only performing with such a talented and established group in front of so many people but also to have honored my family.” Destiny commented. “I am so very grateful for the opportunity and hope that this will only further the progress of my solo career.”

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Destiny made the major move from Texas to Monterrey last year to better promote the music from her debut album La Preferida, which features rancheras fueled by her passionate and emotive vocals with an undeniably Texas feel. Even though her music career is now based out of Monterrey, her Tejano sound will remain at the heart of her music.

“My music will always be Tejano,” Destiny told Tejano Nation in a recent interview. “It’s in my blood. When I write songs, I write like my dad. I have the melodies that are similar to my uncle’s because that’s what we grew up listening to.”

In fact, the two-time Tejano Music Awards winner, who just released the catchy ranchera “Me Da Gusto,” the lead single from her highly-anticipated sophomore album, said that her Tejano roots will come through even more with her next effort.

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“You hear Texas in my music,” Destiny said. “You’re going to hear Texas in this second album even more than you did in the first one.”

And although Mexico is the focus for Destiny right now, she will never lose her strong Texas roots. 

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