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Tejano Bluesman Joe Villanueva premieres ‘Tas Loca Baby’ official music video ft. Demmi Garcia

The video for the title track from Tejano Bluesman's debut album features singer Demmi Garcia.

Tejano Bluesman — “Tas Loca Baby”
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Tejano Bluesman Joe Villanueva premiered the official music video for “Tas Loca Baby” exclusively with Tejano Nation. The visual for the title track from the Houston-based singer and guitarist features singer Demmi Garcia in a lead role.


Villanueva shared details on the video with Tejano Nation and working with fellow new artist Garcia. “I just wanted her — we work so well together and we’re both new,” he said. “I just figured that it would work out fine with her in the video and she gladly accepted.”

The visual was filmed in downtown Austin by Lupe Moya of LM Media Solutions.

“I pretty much just trusted him 100 percent on it and explained to him that the song pretty much just wrote itself, (the video) came out pretty nice,” added Villanueva.

“Tas Loca Baby” details the long-established tale of relationships.

“You know when you’re in that first relationship, especially young relationships and get to where it’s all about the women controlling everything and in the longer relationship where you’ve been married for years it doesn’t matter what the woman does now, you still love her,” said Villanueva. “Basically that was what the whole deal about it was no matter what I tell you you’re still going to give me a hassle but I still love you anyway at the end of the day.”

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“Tas Loca Baby” is the lead single and the title track from Villanueva’s debut album released last April which showcases his unique sound of mixing blues with Tejano and Chicano culture.

“That’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to do the Tejano, blues, Chicano kind of deal,” said Villanueva. “So that way maybe I appeal to three different audiences or something to that matter. That’s my goal.”

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