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Gabriella Salazar blends eclectic sounds with beautiful vocals for debut album ‘Concepto Rosa’

The award-winning teen singing sensation released her debut album featuring an eclectic mix of genres.

Courtesy of New Mex Records

When given, roses have meaning; pink ones symbolize “la ternura”; tenderness, softness, and endearment. Concepto Rosa from New Mexico teen singer Gabriella Salazar is an electic 12-song album that mixes Tejano, Bachata, Cumbia, New Mexico, Country, Pop, and Rock.


Concepto Rosa began production in January 2020 and was completed in August of 2021. These songs are beyond fun and danceable for anyone that listens.

“Every song on this album just makes me wanna dance and is perfect for any person,” says Salazar.

Concepto Rosa successfully blends contemporary folk with groundbreaking and beautiful vocals by a breakthrough emerging cultural icon.

Concepto Rosa features the following titles:

  • “Me Dan Ganas” crashes in with an intro featuring a pumping 80’s inspired synth sample before opening into an excellent, progressive, world-music, global, sticky, pop melody. This potential hit single will earn Salazar admiration among fans, interest amongst her contemporaries and spread far-reaching good vibes internationally across genres.
  • “Convenceme” will be a favorite among concert attendees and create excitement on dance floors everywhere. An electric guitar riff then pumps licks that bounce, rise, and fall resulting in a rare quality that is both ultra-modern and traditional, simultaneously; showcasing Salazar’s vocal range.
  • “Vidita Mia” keeps the excitement coming with its upbeat dance rhythm. Salazar displays remarkable timing and emotes her lyrics passionately.
  • “Tu Cariñito” mixes country with a great musical break that incorporates a cumbia rhythm truly creating a sound unique to Salazar.

Salazar’s music is unlike any other; unique in that the only way to describe it; is that it is a distinct Gabriella Salazar sound. Her influences come from all genres of music most notably Elida Reyna, Jennifer Peña, Angela Aguilar, Selena Quintanilla, Becky G, Maddie and Tae, and many others.

“I have found inspiration in all these artists and their careers,” says Salazar.

Notable artists Salazar has seen perform in person are Pepe, Leonardo, Angela & Antonio Aguilar, Intocable, and Maddie and Tae. 

“I’m looking forward to making my mark in the Spanish, Tejano, and New Mexican music scene and pursuing my career in the music industry,” added Salazar. “My love for Hispanic, Latin music reflects my upbringing, my beautiful culture, and the person I am today. I feel proud to represent this through my music and hope to influence others to pursue their dream.”

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About Gabriella Salazar

Gabriella Salazar is a New Mexican recording artist and has always had a love for music. In the third grade is when she first started playing and performing. She joined her school’s mariachi band and has been playing mariachi ever since. When Gabriella was 11, she recorded and released her debut song, “Gracias al Sol,” and has since released other songs including “Bandido” (2017), “En el Cielo (Tears in Heaven)” (2018), and “Adicta” (2020).

In 2017, Gabriella received two New Mexico Hispano Music Awards (NMHAA), “Rising Star of the Year” and “Crossover Song of the Year” for “Gracias al Sol.” Then again for “Crossover Song of the Year” in 2019 for “En el Cielo (Tears in Heaven).”

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