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Quemazón signs with NextGen Latinx Records, releases debut single ‘Cumbia de Los Solitarios’

The husband and wife duo offers an eclectic sound deeply rooted in traditional Latin music.

Richard Valdez and Nicole Reyes of Quemazón with NextGen Latinx Records co-owners Mike Torres III and John Ontiveros | Photo courtesy of NextGen Latinx Records

NextGen Latinx Records announced the signing of Quemazón, a duo comprised of married couple Nicole Reyes and Richard Valdez, and the release of their debut single “Cumbia de Los Solitarios.”


This unique duo offers a listening experience unlike any other. Their eclectic sound is deeply rooted in traditional Latin Music, while still encompassing the pop space of the 21st century.

Quemazón is the newest group signed to NextGen Latinx Records, which is also the home to LA 45 and Veronique Medrano. The new label is very excited and proud of this latest release.

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“We have known Richard and Nicole for a few years now and have always been impressed by their collective talents,” said Mike Torres III, CEO of NextGen Latinx Records. “Once we heard the original songs they had been working on we immediately knew we wanted them to be a part of the NGL (NextGen Latinx) roster of artists. The songs are fresh, original and showcase Nicole’s amazing vocals and Richard’s outstanding production work. Plus, who doesn’t love a good husband and wife duo?!” 

The lead singer of the group, Nicole Reyes, is ready to share the sounds of with the world the sounds of Quemazón.

“For us, and for many people, the pandemic has been such an uncertain time. It has stirred up so many emotions that can be hard to process,” she said. “This song helped us process some of those emotions and we hope it can do that for other people as well! We are all in this together, and we are so happy that we found a partner with NGL Records who saw our vision and let us take this song exactly where we wanted to take it. We hope people like it and find some hope for a brighter tomorrow in the lyrics!”

“Cumbia de Los Solitarios” is the lead single off of their upcoming debut EP and is a product of the built-up emotions of the global pandemic we are all still going through. In a time where being alone has become the norm, “Cumbia de Los Solitarios” is an ominous yet vibrant take on one’s spiral into the dark chasm of loneliness featuring a heavy Latin Cumbia rhythm fused with alternative rock and poses the question, “Although you may feel alone, are you?”

Quemazón — “Cumbia de Los Solitarios”
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Quemazón’s debut EP will be a project you do not want to miss! Stay connected to the group via their website and social media platforms. 

Cover photo: Rene Caballero Photography

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