Legends Honoring Legends At August Tejano Legends Brunch in Houston

Tejano Legends Houston Chapter honors Houston's finest talent on August 1.

The Tejano Legends Houston Chapter monthly brunch was met with the excitement of honoring some of Houston’s finest talent this past Sunday, August 1, 2021.


It was an exciting afternoon of musicians remembering “the good old days” with photos, conversations, live music, and honoring legends. 

The Tejano Legends is a non-profit organization that began five years ago in a coffee shop in Corpus Christi, Texas with two men, Joel Silva and Abraham Quintanilla Jr. reminiscing about their successful musical careers.  They met again the following month inviting more musicians, which was the start of the Tejano Legends organization. 

The organization now has spanned to seven Texas cities such as Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Laredo, and the Rio Grande Valley, with Houston being its biggest chapter averaging close to 150 people in attendance.   

“Every month we honor those that haven’t been recognized,” said Mike Ramirez Jr., Administrator of the Houston Chapter.  Ramirez is a long-time member of the Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame. “We started the Houston Chapter because there was no representation in Houston. Many say that ‘Tejano is dead’ and it’s not. Look around, we are surrounded by so many living legends who are still with us today,” he said.

“Our first meeting had about seven people. After our third meeting, we averaged about 100 people. Now we have many joining us every month to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments,” said Rudy “Bouga” Perales, another Administrator of the Houston Chapter.

Many musicians and their families attended the monthly brunch.  Ralph Garcia, keyboard player for Avizo, Joe Villanueva also known as “Tejano Bluesman,” Carlos Maldonado Sr. of Carlos Maldonado y Sus AguilasJonas Flores, trumpet player for La Fiebre, Gus Garza, disc jockey for KPFT radio station, Monico Cortez Sr. of Los Hermanos Cortez, Ray Cortez, original drummer of Los Chamacos and Los Hermanos Cortez, Mike Ramirez Jr., drummer for Grupo Feliz, and many more were in attendance.   

The Legends Band also played a few songs for everyone’s enjoyment. The band is comprised of some of the Legends: Rudy “Bouga” Perales (Bass Guitar), Mike Ramirez Jr. (Vocals), Ray Cortez (Drums), Flaco Garcia (Bajo Sexto), and Ruben Loredo (Accordion).  Musicians were invited to come and be a part of the jam session.   

This month’s brunch and ceremony honored four of Houston’s finest Tejano talents.  Flaco Garcia, vocalist and Bajo Sexto player formally of Los Andariegos and Grupo Valiente.  Ruben Loredo, accordionist for his band, Ruben Loredo y su Conjunto, and who has recorded for Ruben RamosHugo Guerrero, and the late Bob Gallarza and Jessy SerrataCarlos Maldonado Jr., vocalist and Bajo Sexto player of Grupo Fuerte and owner of Fuerte Studios and Fuerte Records.  Rudy “Bouga” Perales, original bassist for Los Dinos (1963) and bassist for TierraLa Herencia and Grupo Quemado

When asked to say a few words, Perales said, “It is the greatest feeling in the world to be honored by your peers. Thank you for this award.”  

For more information on the organization or attending this free event next month, visit their Facebook group, Tejano Legends Houston Chapter.

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