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Former Los Desperadoz vocalist Eric Lee shares an update on his solo project

The former Los Desperadoz vocalist is working on a solo EP with award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala.

Eric Lee | Courtesy photo

Former Los Desperadoz vocalist Eric Lee is currently working on his solo project with award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala and the singer shared details on his upcoming solo project on his YouTube channel this week.


Eric Lee spent two and a half years as lead vocalist for the Latin Grammy-nominated group, recording on one album with his father, Lee Villarreal, and uncles guiding him on his musical journey.

“Thank you for allowing me to even be a part of the band,” Eric Lee said in the video. “Just because I’m my dad’s son I knew that if it didn’t work, it didn’t work and I’m so thankful and grateful that it did and I’m thankful and grateful for y’all’s guidance because I don’t know if I would have been able to do what I’m currently doing if it wasn’t for what y’all said motivation wise.”

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In March of 2021, Eric Lee gave Tejano Nation contributor DJ Peaches a personal, raw interview about his desire for a solo career and music. Since the release of the interview, Eric Lee has been working on more singles to add to his EP. A direct message to the gifted and talented Zavala initiated the process, incorporating a mix of different sounds to fuse together for a cumbia pop vibe. Eric Lee has a specific concept on how he wants his music to sound.

“It’s going to just rock your socks off,” he said. “I just wanted to have a party album. I wanted everybody to be pumped and dance to our music. To really just bring good vibes and nostalgia. If you are just having a bad day I really feel that any one of these songs will just light you back up and make you feel good!”

One of the songs is about Eric Lee’s experience as a coconut, common to sing in Spanish but doesn’t talk in Spanish. Track three on the EP is called “Coco,” it will mirror the song by Ariana Grande, “Positions,” where the vocals and harmonizing is the key in the single.

Eric also speaks from his heart as he thanks his Dad, his tios, and Los Desperadoz for the experience, explaining that Los Desperadoz has a brand that is not necessarily like his.

“What it was is that I wanted to something that’s over here and we did it but Los Desperadoz are over here and what people are used to hearing on this end,” he said. “Although some people liked it, it was also like, ‘No that’s not y’all,’ and that’s when I realized branding is everything.”

View the YouTube video from Eric Lee below:

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