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Eric Lee of Los Desperadoz announces solo career, new single + more

The lead vocalist of Los Desperadoz shares details on his new ventures for 2021 including a solo career.

Eric Lee Villarreal, son of Lee Villarreal of Los Desperadoz and the group’s lead singer, announced exclusively to Tejano Nation contributor DJ Peaches about his desire for a solo career and his ventures for 2021.

Dj Peaches exclusive interview with Eric Lee

He is the third generation of Villarreal musicians, who officially joined Los Desperadoz on February 14, 2018. The date he recalls when his dad told him to make the announcement he was a part of the family legacy. Joining the band wasn’t a given because he was a Villarreal. Eric Lee revealed that he was nervous to sing in front of his dad, not because of criticism but knowing that his dad was very influential in the Tejano genre.

In 2017, Eric Lee took on the lead vocals for the classic single “No Volvere.” A black and white video showcasing the Latin Grammy-nominated group in the studio. The video has over 66 K views on YouTube, making it a classic, stand the test of time single.

“No Volvere” — Los Desperadoz
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Eric Lee expressed his desire to perform and interact with his audience by dancing plus having backup dancers.

Eric Lee is very grateful to his parents who have supported his decision to go solo. He makes it clear that he has not departed from performing with Los Desperadoz but is eagerly wanting to express his own style. A pop cumbia sound that can attract the younger Tejano generation. His solo debut single “Toda La Noche,” produced by the award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala, will be released along with four other singles an upcoming EP.

Along with the announcement of going solo and his new single, he debuts a new YouTube channel, EricLeeTV, a fun, energetic, accessible channel providing an in-depth look at his life such as skin care, workouts, cooking, and music. Eric Lee hopes to bring positivity and laughter to his followers. Discussions about being vulnerable have been a concern for him, being part of the LGBT community and a Tejano artist isn’t difficult because he is being true to himself. Being open, Eric Lee hopes to give others strength about their own sexuality.

Eric Lee TV
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The excitement of his solo career, the new fresh style, and the motivational YouTube channel will be universal for everyone. We all wish Eric Lee the best of luck in all he wants to conquer.

Follow Eric Lee on his YouTube channel, EricLeeTV.

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