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Dark Horse Institute launches Composition and Songwriting Program

Dark Horse Institute, an award-winning music school, launches a Composition and Songwriting program to give composers and songwriters a successful career start.

Dark Horse Institute Songwriting Student Performs In Dark Horse Studio. | Courtesy photo

NASHVILLE, TN — (EINPresswire) — Nashville is no stranger when it comes to hosting composers and songwriters. Most are looking for their career to start in the “Music City,” all are dealing with intense competition. But just outside of Nashville, in Franklin, sits Dark Horse Institute. An award-winning music school, known for its unparalleled music industry programs. Dark Horse Institute recognized a need to give these composers and songwriters a successful career start, and in doing so, created its Composition and Songwriting program.


“The Composition and Songwriting program was built, with every touchpoint in mind. Our industry-leading instructors focus their lessons on teaching our students what it takes to compose, create, and market their work. There truly is nothing comparable in the music business,” said Robin Crow, CEO and founder of Dark Horse Institute.

What exactly is the Songwriting Program?

Songwriting is more than putting lyrical phrasing down on paper. The journey to making successful music is a collaboration between creative talent and marketing. This is why the Composition and Songwriting Program at Dark Horse Institute is non-alike.

The tailored 12-week, 300-hour program at Dark Horse Institute focuses on teaching students the many facets of song creation and strategy, along with how to present music and market it in today’s ever-changing business. Students will collaborate within the same walls as major recording artists, focusing their studies on thirteen key areas.

How Dark Horse Institute differs

Dark Horse Institute believes in providing “hands-on, real-world experience in the music industry” through a robust variety of programs that include Audio Engineering, Composition and Songwriting, and Music Business. Each program is taught by veteran instructors, focusing on mentor-based learning and real-world instruction. Each program has been carefully crafted to help students meet the demands of their chosen career paths within the music industry.

Finding footing within the music business can feel daunting. Dark Horse Institute was created, as a way to quell that anxiety and give students an affordable roadmap to succeed in their chosen career path. Much like each of the programs at Dark Horse Institute, the Composition and Songwriting program will continue to support students in obtaining the music experience and exposure they deserve.

Dark Horse Institute empowers students to become job creators rather than job seekers. Dark Horse Institute is committed to delivering a transformative educational experience that will give students the tools and resources needed to make a difference in their lives and our world. Learn more about the Composition and Songwriting program at

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