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Liz Garcia pays tribute to late cousin with ‘Ay Javier’ music video

The up-tempo charanga is a great example of how tributes do not have to be slow, sentimental ballads.

San Antonio singer-songwriter Liz Garcia has released the official music video for “Ay Javier,” one of the tracks from her latest album, Una Estrella.


“Ay Javier” is an up-tempo charanga dedicated to her late cousin and is a great example of how tributes do not have to be slow, sentimental ballads. Loved ones can also be remembered in song with joy and humor, especially if they were fun-loving people.

Garcia developed the concept for the video and worked closely with director extraordinaire Ryan Bazan to bring her vision to life. The setting is a birthday party for Garcia where a group of lady friends invite themselves to what was supposed to be a small family gathering. The annoying party crashers (played by The Alien BabeNorteño 210’s Natasha Gonzales, Jennifer Torres, and Abigail Gonzales) even flirt with Garcia’s husband (Jimmy “Santiago” Serrato) who doesn’t mind the attention, prompting a slap of the hand from Garcia’s mother (Grace Di Villa). 

Picking up on how they’re irritating the birthday girl, Javier (Joel Armando Millan) constantly interrupts by sweeping the feet of the ladies, pretending to be cleaning up (something the real Javier loved to do). In Mexican folklore, there is a saying that if someone sweeps a woman’s feet with a broom, she will never marry…so that’s what Javier uses to get the annoying (presumably) single ladies to leave – something the real Javier would do too. 

“Ay Javier” is one of the seven originals on Una Estrellawhich was released in JanuaryUna Estrella and her debut Habia Una Vez… are available to stream on all digital outlets and for sale on CD on her website, along with a variety of other Liz Garcia merchandise. Keep up with Liz Garcia by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

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